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  1. Alexwinn Purple Good luck πŸ†
  2. Alexwinn I hope, luck meet me today
  3. Keep it up with New one channel πŸ‘
  4. Video not openπŸ₯Ί
  5. Yeap, make some one to show us your game. Maybe its will be usefull 😁
  6. Patrick Antonius play very good, and have enought luck to win 😁
  7. Patrick Antonius Best for me
  8. Keno kick my ass every time😁 i have a moment, over 60 bets Red for 10 number... But after maybe a 200-300 bets i hit x500 strategy is to change your numbers not to often, to hit big multiplier
  9. I play with the same seed from start, and as for me, it doesnt matter. If u have enought balance, u can win good win