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  1. the level of web service is not acceptable. But i have not encountered any problem with support so far. With my new host (recently got assigned a new one), i have not a good relantionship, so i just keep typing my old host and get anything from him. Gl finding a a new home where to gamble.
  2. I want dusan sing some serbian local song for us!
  3. everytime i bust i do some situps, you should see my abs it's unreal.
  4. it's pretty common in every business....as soon they start to get bigger and bigger they turn dogshit to the early supporter and just try to lure moar and moar money from potential new people. even tho it's pretty sad, it's just right from a business perspective imo... one thing i agree for sure is the host contact, nowadays u can squeeze even a 0.01$ more out of reloads...while not long ago you would have get some very nice gift / bonuses from em...but w.e it is what it is. Good luck on finding a new job or career on this post-covid period sean. Have fun.
  5. HILO: 53,006,648,252 placed by ranieroprov on 13/08/2021 Wagered 0.00002153 Multiplier 4.877177x Profit 0.00008348
  6. an hungry vaacum! :d
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