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  1. Card game higher or lower online or live is played with a standard deck of cards, and the aim of the game could not be much simpler. All you need to do is guess whether the next card to be dealt will be higher or lower than the one that is currently on the table. Higher and lower card game is very similar to casino war game. The way the betting works in hi or low card game is also simple. The common ways to bet on this game are to bet higher or lower, and when you play online the odds for each outcome will be given to you before you place your bet. If you win then you will receive your winnings at the odds shown on screen, while if you lose you will lose your stake.
  2. nice bro let me know your strat @Shekhar1992GLtelegram la ahe ka? add me on telegram
  3. nice will talk bro i just want to recover 7k$ my all loss i have 75usd
  4. i never saw you on stake in chat or never heard your name
  5. bro but listen i can earn daily 15usd easily if i do that in one year i can recover it
  6. true but gambling ripped my 7k$ so jst trying to recover my loss through gambling
  7. am confused should i gamble for fun or earn but most of the time gambling for me is earning??
  8. Me thinking to invest $8000 in bitcoin ..is it worth?