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  1. Bonjour à vous Amis Français. En ce qui me concerne je découvre tout juste Stake et son forum communautaire. L'Anglais et moi cela fait deux mais ce n'est pas cela qui m'empêche de lire voir de participer. Pour ce dernier point je verrais avec le temps. Du coup je ne réponds pas à ton sondage je ne suis pas assez ancien pour cela. 😋 Bons jeu à vous
  2. Good evening to all I’m just discovering Stake and his community forum. The latter seems very active to me. If I understood correctly, the forum has been in existence since 2017. and Stake? Being a French, my understanding of English can sometimes be wrong. I hope that this post, written with the help of a translator will be understandable. With a tendency to be assiduous at community forums, my English should improve. 😂😋 I have not yet taken the time to go through all the categories. Simply the rules as well as the explanations of the reward system. It is beautiful that. I’m not really a casino player but more of a gambler. And for now, from what I’ve seen Stake has a wide choice of possible bets. As far as I am concerned, my specialty is the overs/unders in football and hockey. In basketball I am much less effective. I was able to realize that there are big gamblers on Stake...It makes you dream!!! If I’ve guessed correctly, normally a modo would come by and welcome me. So I have two quick questions. I have not found an answer but I may not have been looked for or needed: Stake’s faucet is gone? Yeah, a little broke at the end of the month... 😂 What are the minimum amounts to deposit on Stake in LTC BTC ETH DOGE? A little last for the road: Is it considering integrating the crypto BAT into the system? Thank you in advance for the answers ( or links ) that follow. And for anyone who reads, enjoy your games.