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    joefrey reacted to AleksandarZ in ūü•á [$1,450] Bet ID Prediction | August‚Äč‚Äč‚ĚĒ   
    Bet ID Prediction ‚Ěď
    (Round 4)
    Ends: /08/09/2021 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 

    Submit your prediction on this thread and your Stake site username with it.
    Example:  Bet ID: 50,000,000,000
                      Username: Nenad   Tips & Terms & Conditions
    Entry must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Stake employees can not participate in official Stake.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators. Do not participate with multiple accounts. Do not post more than one comment/entry. Please, read the Spoiler for more info. 10+ Post count on the forum. You can verify your Stake account here: https://stake.com/settings/verify Regular Prize Pool(s):
    1st place - $300 2nd place - $200 3rd place - $100 4th place - $50 5th place - $25 6th to 10th place - $10  
    Prize pool distribution:
    Prizes will be determined by who has the closest prediction. Staker with the closest prediction will take 1st place and so on. The closest 10 predictions will be awarded. All verified accounts with level 2 or above will get double the amount of prize and for all who do not have the account verified, the prize will remain the usual.
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, with your prediction and Stake username.
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    joefrey reacted to Ornietv in Great generosity   
    Greetings travelers adventures and shenanigans!!

    Its me Ornie again,The guy that no one likes as Sir Fatsmcgee stated ,which today Rade's fiasco made me realise that indeed no one likes me  especially himself Rade!
    I am in a very  sad position to actually post this,it might be unnecessary but someone has to.
    Yesterday something amazing happened, a very generous person after having some huge dreaming wins decided to show his heart to the community,as he stated he wasn't able to /rain , (got locked? ) he decided to give a whole of bitcoin to the mod named Rade,and of course our beloved support ran to aid him in the cause!
    I am sure this was a tough task by Rade him self but here is the tricky part!I dont know whos in charge,or whos hte supervisor of him,but the way he started to giving away A PLAYERS money was unfair,scandalous,dirty,ugly.

    he first chose 7 people that in my observation the last 14 days,are passive begging,spamming,farming rains,playing for free ( grr grr bla bla messages etc)  with others money,But i wasnt care that much as i thought he would really try to share to everyone equally,untill he starts calling and bragging them "REGULARS"tipping them twice triple quadruple times then things started to go downhill for me!

    He tried to do trivias, but failed miserably due to spammers Not his fault at all, he did his best!,  but well it was a chaos,Then he/they With darko decide to keep giving to give to active users and regulars and stuff but not giving to passive beggars etc!  I said to my self,okay i ll open a plinko drop balls and chat,chat , chat , chat, for 4 hours i did not receive a penny( including others) Active users he said but he still tipped offline friends // regulars, then i said to my self no more, i ignored the guy and made this post.

    You take giveaways in a serious matter EDDIE you your self,YOu guys mute ban delete people that do  fake giveaways right ? well , your own representative screwed it up so hard, so ugly.

    At this point i really want to know where are  the rest of the 10k.

    Loads of people devote loads of time energy money ,investment on stake SO I DID THE QUESTION TO RADE : how much left on the giveaway !!! At my suprise his answer was this : Why  are you asking mate. JAW OPEN!!!!!! I felt offended, liek What kind of answer is this ? are you kidding ???? I WAS SO suprised by this reply...! that was the moment i /ignored the guy. He should not trigger any kind of emotions/aggressiveness/harassing attitude especially when you want to call your self professional supporter  

    So  i would prefer not getting monthly bonus but a PDF to whoever got tipped and how ,and with what criteria ,honesty is the key to success in the casino marketing isnt it ?...You can keep your monthly bonus by me ...

    disclaimer i wouldn't give a damn if that was stake's money,but a players.

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    joefrey reacted to Milan in I've been muted ... but that's not all   
    Thank you for stepping forward with this, I appreciate it.
    For everyone that don't know, my name is Milan, not Milano but that doesn't matter.¬†ūüėĄ
    Lets start from the beginning of the conversation. You reached out to us with a message that you've missed some rains because German chat freezes all the time. Andrija replied that if chat freezes, that doesn't affect your rains since everything is random, and frozen chat or not, rains are distributed. He also said that with those $1000 wagered, you are only eligible for rain and that doesn't mean that you will receive every single rain. In the meantime you were just, I won't say spamming, but writing constantly that he don't know what you're talking about. 
    After that, I took over and I've told you pretty much everything that Andrija already did. And if you felt like being offended by anything that we said in support chat, I apologize for that. We were just replying to your questions. Now, if you didn't like the answer, I'm sorry but that's how rain works, by wagering $1000 you still won't get every single rain, that will only make you eligible for rain. You've also said that you won 3 out of 10 rains which is pretty amazing considering that you are not the only one eligible for it. 
    If your intention was something else entirely, you should've been more specific instead of saying "I miss on rains because German chat freezes". 
    Now, conversation was closed and you moved to public chat. At first, I wasn't aware of that until my colleagues told me about it. You've sent a screenshot of our chat and that doesn't really matter. What matters is that you've said to whole chat how we do not reply to your questions and that we are stupid. There was one more thing, you've called me narrow brained rambo (part that I couldn't translate very well) which didn't offend me at all but I won't allow you to lie and trash talk about support team while we were replying to your questions and tried to help you. If you didn't like the answer to your question, that is a totally different thing.
    I take false accusations very serious and your mute will remain. Once it expires, you are free to use the chat normally. 
    I stand behind everything that I've said on support and public chat. If I missed anything out, I will be back.¬†ūüėé
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