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  1. It’s probably safe to say most members who are active on chat and forum have done that, lol
  2. My favorite genre? I think I like all of them >.<
  3. Thanks for all the juicy feedback guys! Especially the ones that promised they would comment if I made this thread! 🙂
  4. So the cryptocurrency gambling community is full of a bunch of awesome folks, I think a lot of us active members are able to get along so well because we understand each other in a way 98% of the world cannot. No hold barred, comment your most extreme degenerate moment in gambling, how it made you feel, and what happened as a result. Maybe in some way reading others’ experiences can help tame that little gamble monster a lot of us have chilling in our brains. Or just remind us what could happen if we lose control (or lose control again) This is your chance to get it all out! I can almost guarantee your coworkers and family don’t frequent these forums so don’t hold back!
  5. That’s very obvious and not my point, it isn’t about “who it’s on” or fault of any kind. This isn’t a suggestion for an idiot fail-safe, lol. I’m referring to a function more like how you can cancel a bet made on crash before the game “starts,” where in the case of mines the game would not start until you select a tile first. The term “void” means to declare invalid and not binding, which means it would cause it to behave as if the bet was never placed to begin with.
  6. So I’ve been thinking for a while now how it would be awesome if it was possible to cashout on mines and get your wager amount returned before selecting any tiles on the Stake Original “Mines.” (Voiding the bet, obviously) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either accidentally started a bet with the wrong settings, or just simply didn’t want to follow through with a placed wager and instinctively tapped the cashout button expecting to cancel the bet. I don’t think enabling a user to void their own bet and cashout exactly what they wagered before selecting a tile would in any way affect Stake negatively. Quite the contrary, I think if Stake allowed this many users would observe the simple convenience and the Stake Original game of Mines would become undoubtedly superior and preferable to all other competitors’ versions. Just my 2¢ on how to add to the many instances of Stake being the first to do something and then rising to that something’s industry-leader as a result of superior development and execution. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading! 🙂
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