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  1. I'm ever hit 999x with 2017 sat / bet
  2. BTG forking just like BCH Well it's time to purchase cheap after 25 Oct and prepare for pumping
  3. Best friend are being made from stranger
  4. I'm ever read that bittrex and yobit support BTG
  5. It's nice to see someone that encourage people to keep active gambling
  6. When love happen it can't be explain Nobody can't stop the Power of LOVE ~ Celine Dion
  7. The next challenge is betting with bigger amount Just remember do not over greed !
  8. It's nice to see people make the documentation about "Journey to 1 BTC" Sometimes it's inspiring me a lot
  9. Kwetiaw Goreng ( Indonesian for "fried flat noodle" )
  10. Bitcoin need 7 year to reach $ 5000 so in order to get $ 10.000 , we need 7 more years that will happen on 2024
  11. Provably Fair is fair but being generated by programming code / language The problem is where can I find that the code is really random or fair
  12. It's fun to see something keep improving and dynamic
  13. Invest PXS https://medium.com/pundix/simple-guide-to-investment-and-checking-pxs-tokens-received-94ac13e3adcc
  14. Legendary miner are born today Congrats sir !