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  1. I'm ever hit 999x with 2017 sat / bet
  2. It's nice to see someone that encourage people to keep active gambling
  3. cipok

    Lie to me!

    1. I lived 10 days in the forest all by myself without any food or water. That's too good to be true so I think it's a lie
  4. Nice to see this rule that bring justice for all people
  5. cipok

    No luck in Plinko

    Plinko is a game type : high risk high reward so it means in order to get big win, you need more bankroll and luck !
  6. Honestly I'm still not make any profit on plinko yet , still lossing haha But I like the animation of plinko Hahaha my avatar is taken from anime , Naruto ( KotoAmatsukami eye )
  7. I'm usually play BJ and plinko since they are very fun and easy to play !