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  1. Hey fellow peoples, I really love this place and especially like being active here in the forum, but I feel like it is missing a little bit more custom emojis/reactions currently we got this: Definitely missing in my opinion is a reaction for "Dogecoin" "Ripple" and "Tron", so we got every useable cryptocurrency from stake covered. Also putting in a few custom emojis would be nice too, like cryptocurrency related emojis and stake related emojis would be very nice 🎲 Do you have any more ideas what you would like to see as a "reaction" or are you happy with the amount we already have?
  2. really helpful guide, thanks for putting your effort into this
  3. I think the easiest game for beginners might probably be "Dice", just be sure to only bet very low amounts until you are really familiar with the game and it's chances and how it actually works
  4. Nobody at that point could have legitimately expected for the price to go to points where we are now, so even if I would have been in his spot I would be angry a little bit for sure, but not to a point where I am doubting all of my life choices
  5. Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-appears-on-the-simpsons-where-jim-parsons-explains-its-cash-of-the-future the simpsons are always ahead of everyone else, also this time when it comes to cryptocurrency, i think it is amazing seeing crypto in such a mainstream media
  6. I might not really use it, but I like the idea of group chats in general. Depending on how big they could be people could do all sorts of group chats and maybe you can join then if you have similar interests. Would actually be a great idea.
  7. I already gave up after the wooden and the iron chest and considering it only got harder from there on I knew I won't do all the chest challenges. I still think it was a nice idea and a lot of fun and I think getting 25$ is not that bad of a reward for it, considering you already got rewards for every chest anyway
  8. Stake is really run very nicely, the big team is doing a very nice job keeping everything exciting and engaging and therefore the users are very happy too, me included
  9. For me stake is a way to spend some time having fun gambling. If it gives me some profit, nice, if not that's okay too. I am more here for the fun and the community.
  10. I am playing video games since 1994 and got addicted right from the start, playing until this day constantly. My favorite game or game series must be the GTA series, with GTA Vice City as my all time favorite
  11. happened to me too, luckily stake still has the reload thing for plat vips, which basically saved me from losing everything. Now I am currently on a slow climb back up and hope I can get at least even again.
  12. lol, the real struggle of dice
  13. when you have replied to a topic already a star is put in front of the title, the star doesn't show up in "recent discussions" though
  14. I already gave up 3 challenges ago and considering it only gets harder I will probably not participate in the last one either 😅