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  1. I think the only reason why that feature existed in the first place, was to hide yourself from beggars in DMs. But since DMs got removed the feature is kinda useless tbh.
  2. Leicester-Newcastle 2-0 Leeds-Tottenham 2-2 Sheffield Utd-Crystal Palace 0-1 Man City-Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool-Southampton 1-1 Wolves-Brighton 2-1 Aston Villa-Man Utd 1-3 West Ham-Everton 0-1 Arsenal-WBA 2-1 Fulham-Burnley 1-0 Tiebreaker: 38 minute Username: JacksonPalmer
  3. RTP in general is a theoretical number, it is determined by simulating millions of bets and then calculating it down to xx out of 100. realistically every single slot out there only has one goal, taking your money. considering you will never do multiple million spins, the chances are extremely high you will not even witness the RTP at all. For example betting 1 million dollar and getting 970k back, means 97% theoretical rtp. but you could do 30k spins first losing 1$ each before even winning a single dollar. And at the end of the day it is still random, so you might even do way more spins
  4. Happy birthday and enjoy your steak 🥩
  5. I believe in logic and considering the universe is about 93 billion light years in diameter large, there is just no way that we are the only living beings in there
  6. probably play around with "low" amounts and withdraw the rest
  7. the multiple challenges, keeps it fresh and interesting
  8. A lot of illegal stuff probably. Considering this is against your "rules" though, I have no idea, there is nothing legal I could do invisible which I can't already do anyway.
  9. I don't have a favorite perfume, I just go to the drug store, spray the samples around and choose the one i like the most at that moment
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