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  1. No it doesn't, the reason you win or lose has nothing to do with the animation, it is just visual. If you want to read more on how your win or loss is determined, you should check out this explanation: https://stake.com/provably-fair/implementation
  2. I already played and tested quite a few slots and so far i would recommend "Devil's Number", "Diamond Blitz" , "Carnival Queen", "Midas Golden Touch", "Donuts", "Mega Masks" and "Almighty Sparta". On basically all of them it is very important to get the bonus feature though, otherwise the chance to actually profit from them is quite low.
  3. I personally don't play Baccarat that much, but I heard the phrase "Always go banker, player is a scam" so many times now that I am not sure if it is just a meme or actual a good advice to follow. So yeah, I would say always go with banker
  4. there is a high chance it will, probably not this year, maybe not in the next 10 years, but in the next 100 years for sure. Just hold and relax.
  5. Everton - West Brom 1-0 Leeds United - Fulham 2-2 Man United - Crystal Palace 3-0 Arsenal - West Ham 2-0 Southampton - Tottenham 0-0 Newcastle - Brighton 1-0 Chelsea - Liverpool 2-3 Laicester City - Burnley 1-0 Tie Breaker: 8 min
  6. That's a horrible advice. If you try this with a low balance, the risk is not worth the profit. And if you try it with a big balance the chance that your try will trigger the scam and you will lose your money is way too high. Basically just stay as far away as possible from everything that promises to double your money, it is a scam every time. If something seems too good to be true, it normally is. Rather just gamble your money on some 2x bet on whatever game in stake, higher chance to actually win and if you loose your money at least it doesn't go to a horrible scammer.
  7. Mindblowingly horrible update on Stake.com Few days ago, the most beloved crypto online casino ever "Stake.com" got a groundshaking update, which was met with a lot of people crying and screaming angrily. The already controversial and extremely biased bot "rainbot" got an additional requirement to be eligible for catching rains. Now only people who wagered at least 1000 Dollar per week are able to get rained on. At least this was the official statement. But as a reliable and trustworthy news source, which we obviously are, we can't overlook the actual thing that is going o
  8. Why are you talking about this on the stake forum and even call the post "Stake mont(h)ly bonus" if it is about the primedice monthly and has nothing to do with the stake monthly? that said, 10 min reload is way too stressful for me personally, i prefer daily.
  9. Nice idea, I actually even like the suggestion from @longschlong even better, definitely helpful to quickly find the related game.
  10. 27 casino:28990686069 8 casino:28990686453 13 casino:28991991803 33 casino:28991992010
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