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  1. tried it for a week, didn't win once, some people are just insanely quick, gave up and never tried it again
  2. Twitters verification system is extremely random, even if you fully qualify it is like rolling on dice to actually get the verified checkmark
  3. there are 3 stake leagues. the normal one - weekly rewards the vip one - only season rewards the watford one - watford promo season rewards https://promotions.stake.com/stake-x-watford-fpl/ you are not in the normal one, the link to it is in the first post and also in my last post
  4. you are only in the VIP league, the weekly prices are for the regular stake league https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/2siypb
  5. Twitch doesn't like black tshirts, riperino
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