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  1. Source: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/exchange/crypto-com-exchange-goes-live-at-full-capacity-on-sep-8/ always nice to see more variety in options for people to be able to purchase cryptocurrency, wishing them all the best for their start
  2. Took me a little bit, but I am now slowly getting used to Stake 3.0. I would love if the Forum link would be more prominent on the website again. Maybe a link in the sidebar and put it back into the "Account" drop-down menu. Also what would be amazing, with this huge amount of games now, would be if we were able to have a "Blacklist" which basically hides the games/categories/tags that we are not interested in, to make the website more personalized and easier to navigate.
  3. Totally forgot to post it, but I also made a Eddie meme template Example:
  4. I would withdraw like 0.8BTC of it and keep playing with 0.2BTC and see if I can hit some nice big multipliers with a 100k sat base bet or something like that. Basically just messing around with it and if I am lucky and hit something it's amazing, but if I don't hit anything it is fine too ^^
  5. Not a big fan of all these new games, I think I just like the simplicity of the Stake originals. Also the minimum bet is too high in most of these new games in my opinion. So yeah, I still prefer playing Mines or Keno instead of all that new stuff. I think it is still an awesome thing that there are way more options for everyone though.
  6. I think it was pretty nice, I especially liked the fact that eddie on his stream focused on playing and interacting with the people and let the other support staff handle the giveaways, this made everything go so much smoother. I gotta say I can slightly understand that some people might be disappointed because they were not picked by anyone during the giveaways, but you still had the totally random winners and at the end I guess it is just fair that people who spend a lot of time here and "stand out" in a good way, will have a bigger chance to get picked and win. So yeah, definitely enjoyed it and can't wait for the next birthday party 🎉
  7. I don't change seeds that often as I don't believe it actually increases your chances of winning. It definitely will mix things up, but as I already explained in some other post I think that you can't be sure that changing your seed will actually help you, sometimes it can even take a big win that would have come soon away from you just because you switched your seed. So yeah, I am on team NeverSwitchYourSeed
  8. I am not 100% sure how many games in a row i won, but I only know that it is certainly not that high. I think maybe like 4 or 5 games before loosing again. Even with the "best" strategy blackjack is still just too random to win all the time I guess.
  9. Blue Samurai Slots is now out for a couple of weeks and everyone might have already played it a little, so I am interested how much you like the game so far. Do you have things that you especially like or dislike about the game? Do you maybe have any suggestions how you would improve the game? Let me know your thoughts. For me personally I am not the biggest fan of it to be honest, but I like that it takes a different approach to the slot game genre than Scarab Slots does and I think having different options is always a good thing to have. I just don't like slots that much personally, which give out a lot of free/special spins but with low multipliers, I rather have 1 round of free spins not so often but then hit at least something big with it. Besides that I like the look of it, I think it is quite nice looking. So yeah, I am somewhere in the middle with this game I guess.
  10. https://forum.stake.com/board/182-choose-a-charity/ I always liked the fact that stake is also giving back to charity, but the last topic started in here is from february and since then there has no new topic been made. Did this just got forgotten by the team, or is this sadly discontinued for now?
  11. https://news.stake.com/samurai-slots-101-the-fundamentals/ This has all the answers to all your blue samurai questions
  12. If you think about it, you can never be sure if it helps or not to change the seed. Lets say you lose 100 times in a row on one seed and bet number 101 would give you a huuuge win, but you decide to switch, then you missed out big here. But on the other side it could give you 200 more losses and if you switch the seed you might instantly get a huge win. So no matter what, in my opinion, the fact that you can choose a seed just gives a false feeling of being in charge to the player when it is still 100% just random.
  13. SLOTS: 27,564,941,921 placed by JacksonPalmer on 10/08/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 59.3x Profit 0.00583000
  14. Eddie said on his last stream that you can also choose to get the money value instead of the car itself. To be fair, I don't see anything stating that in the raffle Terms and Conditions though. But yeah, I am sure you can also get the cash instead, as this was also an option when the raffle with the formula 1 race price was happening (even before it was switched completely to cash because of the pandemic)
  15. I mostly use BTC with my reload. Not really gambling with it though, as the amount is not that big. rather just collect it and save it to eventually recover a few loses. Also I am using the daily reload, the hourly reload would be too stressful for me.
  16. I am pretty sure if you choose to get the Lambo, you can also choose the color. But besides the fact that I would rather choose the money option if I even win, I think the best looking color for the Lamborghini is either black or orange.
  17. Source: https://blockchainwire.io/press-release/coconuts-for-crypto-coco-taps-adds-cryptocurrency-payments-for-deliveries If you live in the Las Vegas or Long Beach area and love coconuts, this is the best news of the year for you probably I just love seeing more and more things being able to be bought with crypto 🥥🥥🥥
  18. Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/crypto-adoption-soars-slovenia-1000-locations-accept-cryptocurrencies/ always love to see crypto adoption grow, this is some nice news especially if you live in slovenia
  19. HILO: 27,561,913,032 placed by JacksonPalmer on 10/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.03278x Profit 0.00000703
  20. propably too low to get into the top 20, but i will post anyway: sport:2524942
  21. as the cricket multi doesn't count, I will try with this one and hope it counts even if 1 match is voided, but it is more than 5 matches and has 1 nba and 1 mlb match with a win in it sport:2524942