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  1. You are right when the price of bitcoin falls the minimum price of faucet increases, and yeah it takes more time, but what if we don't have any money to startup, i mean personal i can't buy bitcoins with my country's currency because my country don't use international banking, so i get started from faucet
  2. Like you said in most developing country there are no ATM machines, but hopefully some day we will experience this machine, there are in a lots of places, but someone complained that it have high withdrawal fee about 9%
  3. You are right there is no enough Machines comparing to bitcoin users, but having bitcoin atm machine means bitcoin is getting more popular.
  4. You are so lucky, but you are right at that time 0.03btc is nothing
  5. Yeah there is no clear meaning of standard posts, but hopefully we will get paid,
  6. Yeah there are ATM machine in most developed country's, my country also don't have the machine but hopefully one day we will get it
  7. Whatttt that's really too much money, if you don't deposit any money then where did you get the satoshis to bet, can you help me pleas.
  8. Thanks bro that's really helping, when does i start getting paid??
  9. Hey guys i am new here, and i don't know much, and i am allowed to post only 10 posts per day, is this only for new members?? can it increase when i rich my 30 posts?? please help
  10. Thanks for your advise bro, the reason i am using faucet is because i don't have much money to invest on coins that's why i prefer free coins, but you have a point i earn much more from sport betting
  11. Nice bro, the app you told me i am going to use it, "Elipay" right did it exchange with different currency and its legit right? thanks bro
  12. You all right if you have money to invest then we don't have to use faucets, but what if we don't have a money to start investment, i mean is there other way of getting free coins?!! me and my friends start from faucet at that time we don't have money to invest so we start it.
  13. You are right mate its impossible to rich 10$ easily with one faucet site but we can use 10 faucets at a time and if we earn 500 satoshis per day from one site that means we can make 5000 satoshis with all 10 sites right, but yeah still time consuming
  14. Did you know there are about 5000 bitcoin ATM machines around the world, but not in my country, did any body from this forum experienced this machine say something about it.
  15. Hey guys i have been on sport betting especially on soccer for long time, and let me tell you my ways of betting on sports... 1, i use leagues that are not popular, because on popular leagues we can't be sure, take example on EPL the lowest team bits the leading team so you can bet on low leagues 2. bet for a team with low odds, and before you choose the lowest odd go to the over under goal and see if the team with the lowest odd have goal odd over 2.5 3. if you wont to bet on high leagues just bet on teams that have full squads and have reputation of wining all recent games.
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