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  1. Only always. I just dont suggest random submissions from random people as a credible source. To many trolls.
  2. Etude, are you the mod from bitvest?
  3. Nah, i dont wish to suppress the use of the word. Nor do i wish to kink shame anyone. However, urban dictionary gets its definitions from user submissions. Wanna feel good about yourself look up your name on UD. Now as well as it fits my description i know that what comes up for me when i do just simply is not the definition of my name.
  4. urbandictionary is not an official dictionary lmao, its all user submitted
  5. I only know of 1 place, but they only direct pay to luckygames not to stake i cant believe how many people felt the need to criticize the creator of the post here. Either answer the question or move on, Quit acting like your better then someone for trying to earn some crypto by farming a faucet instead of spending their money. Faucet owners depend on people coming to their website, your comments hurt their business