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  1. ^ this is not normal blackjack this is rigged blackjack fuck stake. 99% of the time you have a face hand and dealer has face hand they always have 20. the dealer 90% of the time gets 11 always gets 21 but when player gets it its always a bust hand and the dealer wins. I say fuck this casino if you want to play stick to sports not casino cuz its rigged or unfaiirly gives a chance for players to win. ( This is coming from a gold member)
  2. I feel the same way feel like its rigged to a point i am actually going to close my account permanently as we speak. Best to play blackjack at a real casino or have a live person deal the cards.
  3. Would be nice to see dealers other card when we bust
  4. Stake should add side bets i know its gonna be alot of work but it would be fun like betting on side bonuses like (Flush,Straight)
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