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  1. ^ this is not normal blackjack this is rigged blackjack fuck stake. 99% of the time you have a face hand and dealer has face hand they always have 20. the dealer 90% of the time gets 11 always gets 21 but when player gets it its always a bust hand and the dealer wins. I say fuck this casino if you want to play stick to sports not casino cuz its rigged or unfaiirly gives a chance for players to win. ( This is coming from a gold member)
  2. I feel the same way feel like its rigged to a point i am actually going to close my account permanently as we speak. Best to play blackjack at a real casino or have a live person deal the cards.
  3. Suggestion we should be able to merge our alt accounts into one. Would be nice feature as i have other alt accounts different vip levels i simply want to merge all the vip accounts into one so i can have a higher progress bar than the current one i have
  4. here is another nba crooked referee who got caught 23 of the 30 games favoured the games he wagered on. (3:55 video)
  5. Watch the ending.... not only it was suppose to be goal tending but also a foul. (pay was 6 times if you were betting on portland so it would make sense for game to be fixed) I usually deposit almost every day but stoped after this game, (seeing this i am having 2nd thoughts.)
  6. Would be nice to see dealers other card when we bust
  7. Do not Trust bitcoin or any other alt when bitcoin was at his peak the price was manipulated by one party. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/04/study-single-anonymous-market-manipulator-pushed-bitcoin-to-20000.html I also see alt coins all the time ridiculous pump and dump at coinmarketcap which is flat out manipulated.
  8. Sometimes i like to keep two tabs open for example i want to play casino and then bet on sports. I notice that one tab doesn't really update the balance corresponding with the other tabs this then causes confusion. I know you guys are able to fix this where we can see our actual balance without refreshing the page like how we can see sports betting results without refreshing the screen. This thing along cost me a lot of $$$ because i had a hard time keeping track of my actual balance. Other than that this site is the best
  9. Stake should add side bets i know its gonna be alot of work but it would be fun like betting on side bonuses like (Flush,Straight)