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  1. This is the time to buy bitcoin because now btc is 9000$ resistance level crossed and it's now towards 10000$.
  2. Bitcoin price can goes to maximum in this to 20000$ or 22000$ in 2020 not more some persons gave unrealistic figure for bitcoin price so be careful.
  3. I started my earnings from btc few months ago by doing bounties of different projects now I am doing some trading but not much experience.
  4. No this is not possible because I know to bitcoin it will if goes up 8000$ then after few months it comes down again 6000$.may it goes to 20000$ in this year.
  5. How we can stake here have not founding clear information from last two days I searched on this forum gave some hint to me.
  6. How we can get double rewards from this forum I cannot understand policies of this forum very tight rules for new users of this forum.
  7. There is no clear information about the quality of the posts because I thought if we posts some good material here surely we will rewards given but problems is their reward is vary from user to user.
  8. This is fact that bitcoin maximum can goes high in 2020 is up to 25000$ so still on 8630$ and it s price can goes to 9000$ in next few weeks.
  9. Btc is now on 8550$ last night it's break the 8500$ and now let's wait for next acheivment of btc to 9000$ if it crossed then it will crossed 12000$ soon.
  10. Now currently bitcoin is on 8600$it strong resistance on 9000$ if btc crossed this level then it should crossed the level of 10000$.
  11. As currently bitcoin is on 8600$ and it's strong bullish by whole market so I thought btc will goes 10000$ till mid of February 2020.so ready for some profit.
  12. Now the current price of Eth is 166$ and if btc goes higher then 9000$ then it is very high chance to goes to 190$.if you holding Eth then hold till few months more.
  13. Xrp has great projects if we saw it's past and it's future will also good and xrp made very good partnership with some big companies.
  14. Currently price of xrp is 0.22$ and it's price can go to 0.31$ in next month and after one year it's price can go to 0.50$.it is good for long term investment.
  15. Currently price of doge coin is 0.0023$ in term of USD but in term of satoshi is 27 but doge coin need to perform very well to each 0.10$ may after one year.