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  1. jualid

    Suggestion: Stake prizes for active players

    Yeah, Stake gives away more to the player than other gambling sites and it's already good. The current one is already good which is the rain.
  2. jualid

    Rain bot

    As other ppl said, it's from wager but i saw some people can get a rain too only from chatting. I'm not kidding.
  3. jualid

    Thinking Outside of the Box [Grid]

    Of course it's really hard bro, 5mil x is a no joke . I tried to hunt it before and i failed, it's really hard.
  4. I can't even clear the K one, this week keno challenge is quite harder than before. I mean i lost almost all my balance lol, i skip this challenge for this week. That link auto click is a good method actually, but i don't have balance anymore but thanks for the share!
  5. Hilo and dice the games that makes me busted and blackjack and diamond poker to be the savior, bring back my balance
  6. jualid

    about your strategy

    There is no safe strategy. Every strategy always have a risk. I usually use 1.3x multiplier and increase 3x when it lose.
  7. jualid

    Avoiding !

    I only accept friend if i know them, random people who add you always asking for a loan or money.
  8. jualid

    After Update Nightmare

    I don't know about others but i busted 0.03 btc yesterday. maybe it just my unlucky day.
  9. jualid

    Statistics of 10k rolls

    so the result is, yes you can get profit but don't play it for the long time. Play for a short time, get the profit and play other games
  10. Yeah, chasing losses always ending with a bad result. I always busted like that.
  11. jualid

    Did you win any giveaway?

    Yes i won some on stake and twitch giveaways. Not always, but i won it sometimes.
  12. jualid

    9800x is impossible?

    It's possible to hit 9800x but yeah it's not easy. I saw some bet before that hit 9800x.
  13. jualid

    Let's see your true colors

    Yeah totally agreed and once you tip someone, many alts suddenly come and chat lmao.
  14. jualid

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Yeah, i have made many good friends at stake and at primedice too. Love this community ❤️