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  1. Yeah i also experienced that, when i play manual on mines and spam click there is always an error message pop out. In old mines, you can spam click.
  2. Oh i don't know that, thanks for the information. Gotta play on it before the old stake gone 😅
  3. jualid

    I finally hit it!

    Damn nice hit, imagine if you hit that with satoshi, it would be super big! Just read it and you got from 20k rolls, that's nice, sick hit, grats!
  4. jualid


    Dice and mines for me, i hunt with low multiplier with safe way and do it 3-5 times and stop. It's good to recover our loss a bit.
  5. Noncenya kereset dong gan kan gak dilanjutin tuh 😅. Serem juga cari 500k, ane waktu itu cari 10k aja pas kena terdekatnya cuman 5k, padahal 5k aja udah lumayan, kampret emang limbo suka kaya memancing gitu
  6. Celeng mingguan juga sudah kembali jadi lumayan juga buat dapetin amo mingguan. Sebenernya selain faucet banyak cara juga untuk dapetin amo untuk main, stake casino yang sangat baik jangan lupa
  7. Iya gan, kalau udah red panjang seharusnya gak lama hit jadi ane naikin bb 2 kali lipat setiap 50 kali loss (buat cari yang terakhirnya)
  8. Ane abis juga LTC ane tapi untungnya bisa ane bales pake bitcoin, ane dobelin bb nya buat balikin yang udah kena loss. untungnya hit
  9. Sama gan, tadi pagi udah selesai semua celengnya. Blackjack cukup sebentar aja buat selesai, wheel yang agak makan waktu.
  10. Waiting for rain, posting on forum to get some satoshis, deposit, or hunt a super big payout like Faris ^
  11. Uh my pc is fine here, the fan is stable and not eat too much ram. I guess it's from other apps on your pc.
  12. BLACKJACK: 3,817,457,840 placed by jualid on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00003000 BLACKJACK: 3,817,503,442 placed by jualid on 19/03/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00003000
  13. You can see that information on stake medium here: https://medium.com/@stakecasino/stake-2-is-changing-the-game-32031ff392a1 "There are big updates in the works including new games, sportsbook and much more.." Hype!!!!