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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in [$2,000] The Hustler | Sports Challenge   

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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in [$2000] Match Point | Sports Challenge   

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    jualid reacted to Thepug in 🏁 [3.2 ETH] Winning Bets Race! ​[TIER]   
    sport:3029730 sport:3029882 sport:3031157 sport:3031518 sport:3031551 sport:3031989 sport:3037079 sport:3037067 sport:3037435 sport:3041968 sport:3045080 sport:3045115 sport:3045121 sport:3047440 sport:3047674 sport:3048732 sport:3048467 sport:3054113 sport:3055201 sport:3054118 sport:3056647 sport:3057557 sport:3057678 sport:3058198 sport:3058262 sport:3058278 sport:3058237 sport:3060984 sport:3061039 sport:3061019 sport:3064169 sport:3064263 sport:3065756 sport:3065798 sport:3080362 sport:3080825 sport:3080183 sport:3089643 sport:3090202 sport:3090704 sport:3091533 sport:3091574 sport:3094132 sport:3122330 sport:3122373 sport:3111859 sport:3111903 sport:3111939 sport:3112024 sport:3112064 sport:3112202 sport:3095620 sport:3095807 sport:3095881 sport:3095958 sport:3096105 sport:3096195 sport:3096317 sport:3098425 sport:3098518 sport:3098571 sport:3098712 sport:3098763 sport:3098838 sport:3099010 sport:3099147 sport:3100913 sport:3100956 sport:3126617 sport:3124675 sport:3124782 sport:3125241 sport:3125191 sport:3124719 sport:3124811 sport:3124644 sport:3124756 sport:3124705 sport:3124741 sport:3125417 sport:3124824 sport:3125157 sport:3125275 sport:3125388 sport:3125313 sport:3132809 sport:3125433 sport:3137043 sport:3135831 sport:3135811 sport:3135789 sport:3135764 sport:3135650 sport:3135600 sport:3144251 sport:3144146 sport:3144460 sport:3144532 sport:3144557 sport:3144631 sport:3144700 sport:3144871 sport:3148457 sport:3148429 sport:3148395 sport:3148245 sport:3148875 sport:3148907 sport:3148918 sport:3148975 sport:3148984 sport:3148995 sport:3149457 sport:3149497 sport:3149867 sport:3149885 sport:3149988 sport:3150013 sport:3150073 sport:3150454 sport:3150490 sport:3150600 sport:3150688 sport:3150294 sport:3151741 sport:3151722 sport:3151791 sport:3151752 sport:3151805 sport:3151844 sport:3159059 sport:3159252 sport:3159076 sport:3159095 sport:3158967 sport:3159279 sport:3159305 sport:3159340 sport:3159361 sport:3159396 sport:3159619 sport:3159652 sport:3159689 sport:3159717 sport:3160196 sport:3160829 sport:3160871 sport:3160880 sport:3160905 sport:3160911 sport:3161207 sport:3161223 sport:3161234  
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    jualid reacted to Saaho2019 in 🏁 [3.2 ETH] Winning Bets Race! ​[TIER]   
    sport:3026929 sport:3026817 sport:3028468 sport:3028454 sport:3029179 sport:3035202 sport:3037710 sport:3037330 sport:3037825 sport:3038956 sport:3039570 sport:3039739 sport:3039622 sport:3039812 sport:3039866 sport:3038877 sport:3040834 sport:3041538 sport:3041300 sport:3042704 sport:3043468 sport:3043449 sport:3045193 sport:3045000 sport:3045879 sport:3046694 sport:3045838 sport:3035356 sport:3048171 sport:3026447 sport:3053371 sport:3053356 sport:3054107 sport:3054860 sport:3056182 sport:3058573 sport:3057669 sport:3059084 sport:3059408 sport:3057292 sport:3059385 sport:3061220 sport:3061181 sport:3061744 sport:3062237 sport:3062695 sport:3062815 sport:3062931 sport:3063160 sport:3061249 sport:3063217 sport:3061271 sport:3063072 sport:3063440 sport:3063618 sport:3063633 sport:3063687 sport:3063678 sport:3063561 sport:3063865 sport:3064362 sport:3035269 sport:3064697 sport:3065668 sport:3070470 sport:3071048 sport:3071239 sport:3071400 sport:3071201 sport:3072501 sport:3072879 sport:3074328 sport:3074366 sport:3074427 sport:3074590 sport:3074793 sport:3074894 sport:3075108 sport:3075211 sport:3078387 sport:3079076 sport:3087633 sport:3089156 sport:3090873 sport:3091323 sport:3092403 sport:3095645 sport:3110493 sport:3110512 sport:3114899 sport:3115087 sport:3116368 sport:3120233 sport:3121353 sport:3106837 sport:3097436 sport:3107009 sport:3106867 sport:3097646 sport:3121172 sport:3106977 sport:3097587 sport:3098573 sport:3106934 sport:3098836 sport:3106807 sport:3106882 sport:3098301 sport:3106847 sport:3097890 sport:3097356 sport:3098775 sport:3106874 sport:3096930 sport:3097944 sport:3098635 sport:3097505 sport:3096791 sport:3131965 sport:3132312 sport:3132578 sport:3133533 sport:3133670 sport:3133583 sport:3132667 sport:3132655 sport:3132149 sport:3132095 sport:3134866 sport:3135232 sport:3133612 sport:3134945 sport:3131946 sport:3132042 sport:3136350 sport:3136307 sport:3136496 sport:3136319 sport:3136398 sport:3136371 sport:3130479 sport:3130396 sport:3130498 sport:3130633 sport:3130676 sport:3130615 sport:3130653 sport:3130553 sport:3130410 sport:3130447 sport:3130522 sport:3130567 sport:3144808 sport:3144741 sport:3144919 sport:3159900 sport:3159942 sport:3159879 sport:3159963 sport:3159995 sport:3159915  

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    jualid got a reaction from Vampire in 🏁 [3.2 ETH] Winning Bets Race! ​[TIER]   
    1. sport:3052556 - https://prnt.sc/ue3bl6
    2. sport:3052099 - https://prnt.sc/ue3ci3
    3. sport:3052093 - https://prnt.sc/ue3dmn
    4. sport:3052958 - https://prnt.sc/ue3e6m
    5. sport:3053328 - https://prnt.sc/ue3er8
    6. sport:3053517 - https://prnt.sc/ue3f6f
    7. sport:3054150 - https://prnt.sc/ue6bjx
    8. sport:3055232 - https://prnt.sc/ue6cyp
    9. sport:3054147 - https://prnt.sc/ue6xtj
    10. sport:3054115 - https://prnt.sc/ue7r26
    11. sport:3054119 - https://prnt.sc/ue7s3r
    12. sport:3055272 - https://prnt.sc/ueawra
    13. sport:3057518 - https://prnt.sc/ueaxs1
    14. sport:3058126 - https://prnt.sc/ueayfx
    15. sport:3055339 - https://prnt.sc/ueazi7
    16. sport:3057573 - https://prnt.sc/ueb1w9
    17. sport:3055311 - https://prnt.sc/ueb56w
    18. sport:3059402 - https://prnt.sc/uebp48
    19. sport:3059588 - https://prnt.sc/uecplv
    20. sport:3060362 - https://prnt.sc/ued6dg
    21. sport:3060548 - https://prnt.sc/uedaju
    22. sport:3060618 - https://prnt.sc/uedcoj
    23. sport:3060716 - https://prnt.sc/uedfsi
    24. sport:3060521 - https://prnt.sc/uee2qv
    25. sport:3061821 - https://prnt.sc/uees7m
    26. sport:3062217 - https://prnt.sc/uef13q
    27. sport:3062414 - https://prnt.sc/uef88u
    28. sport:3062687 - https://prnt.sc/ueffj7
    29. sport:3060488 - https://prnt.sc/uefiar
    30. sport:3063186 - https://prnt.sc/ueg4d3
    31. sport:3068658 - http://prnt.sc/uemoaa
    32. sport:3068708 - https://prnt.sc/uemomf
    33. sport:3068501 - https://prnt.sc/uemy69
    34. sport:3068405 - https://prnt.sc/uenoxe
    35. sport:3072475 - https://prnt.sc/uetdtq
    36. sport:3073099 - https://prnt.sc/ueu8jp
    37. sport:3073189 - https://prnt.sc/ueugrx
    38. sport:3073323 - https://prnt.sc/ueuo1w
    39. sport:3073446 - https://prnt.sc/ueuwc6
    40. sport:3073703 - https://prnt.sc/uevbt3
    41. sport:3074118 - https://prnt.sc/uew51g
    42. sport:3074144 - https://prnt.sc/uewonn
    43. sport:3074319 - https://prnt.sc/uewp93
    44. sport:3074392 - https://prnt.sc/uewvvx
    45. sport:3074419 - https://prnt.sc/uewwhw
    46. sport:3074566 - https://prnt.sc/uex3ae
    47. sport:3082483 - https://prnt.sc/uf9ha7
    48. sport:3074779 - https://prnt.sc/ufahfg
    49. sport:3088736 - https://prnt.sc/ufhpoz
    50. sport:3088857 - http://prnt.sc/ufhsra
    51. sport:3088934 - https://prnt.sc/ufhtfn
    52. sport:3090882 - https://prnt.sc/ufk8l4
    53. sport:3094523 - https://prnt.sc/ufwg3u
    54. sport:3094556 - https://prnt.sc/ufwgdt
    55. sport:3093488 - https://prnt.sc/ufwn8a
    56. sport:3108790 - https://prnt.sc/ug33or
    57. sport:3127732 - https://prnt.sc/ugbm4l
    58. sport:3130726 - https://prnt.sc/ugczx7
    59. sport:3130770 - https://prnt.sc/ugg8ih
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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in [$1000] Mix It Up | Sports Challenge   

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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in [$1000] It's Not Luck | Sports Challenge ​🏀   

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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in [$1000] Top Ten | Sports Challenge ⚽   

  9. Thanks
    jualid got a reaction from Bojana in 🎂​ [$1100] Cake Hunt| Dice & Blue Samurai ​🎂​   
    I am using my Bday card too from the 1st or 2nd cake hunt.
  10. Bitcoin
    jualid got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [3.2 ETH] ​5-Fold ⚽   

  11. Love
    jualid got a reaction from Menang in 🏆 [3.2 ETH] Under Gang!   

  12. Love
    jualid got a reaction from Kdsmeliodas2d in Do you guys take breaks while gambling?   
    Same like you, after win a big one, i will take a break just to cool down my emotion and my heart lol. I usually stop when i reach the target of my profit and continue later.
  13. Love
    jualid reacted to Flan in [0.0021 BTC] Birthday!   
    I'm gonna do a special raffle for my precious day - today!
    The giveaway format still same as the last time I made, (minimal forum post 15+)
    The prize will be 100.000 sats for the last rolled!
    And the rest will win 10.000 sats (for 11 people)
    Just drop your username here.
    This giveaway will rolled 1 day after this thread created.
    Alt account will be disqualify and banned.
    Double posts entry will be disqualify for the next raffle.
    Good luck!
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    jualid got a reaction from Darko in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Mix It Up |Sports Challenge ⚽​ 🏒   

  15. Payday
    jualid reacted to jannine in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Black Mamba |Sports Challenge ⚽   

  16. Thanks
    jualid reacted to Darko in [ 2019/2020 ] Fantasy Premier League Giveaway!   
    Game week 25 results:
    @Gijsie @sichaoeloem @chamet @jualid @meagod @danz @zenny22 @maxpayne25 @Thepug @Dusan  
    You can claim prizes until 28th February.
    Make sure you are logged in into the proper account  
  17. Love
    jualid reacted to HighDamage in Berjudi merupakan Pilihan Kalian atau Sebuah Keterpaksaan?   
    Saya hanya deposit sedikit dari apa yang saya miliki ( itupun yang bisa aku sebut sebagai Dana bebas hasil dari turnamen ) agar bisa beli barang apa aja yang aku inginkan kalau hoki  . 
  18. Thanks
    jualid reacted to jkd123 in Berjudi merupakan Pilihan Kalian atau Sebuah Keterpaksaan?   
    Kalo itu sih lebih ke earn gan. Ya meskipun ada unsur judinya karena didapat dari situs judi tapi itu bukanlah hakekat berjudi yg sebenarnya. 
    Ini sekedar prespektif saya.
  19. Thanks
    jualid got a reaction from htetaungxx in Which game is the most make you anger?   
    Blackjack is the most game that make me angry haha. Like when i got 20, somehow the dealer make it tie or even 21 and when i get a long red streak, make me want to scream.
  20. Sad
    jualid reacted to romero121 in Lost 10,0000 dollars.Anyone experienced the same?   
    Gambling has sobs and smiles. Depends on how we chose to play it. Unfortunately my bad luck I lost all which I have earned so far and being empty. 
  21. Thanks
    jualid reacted to HighDamage in [Diskusi Challenge Spesial Christmas]   
    Challenge Sportbook Spesial Christmas telah berakhir . Dengan ini saya menutup Pembahasan mengenai Challenge Sportbook Dan Saya Membuka Diskusi Challenge MIXED Spesial Christmas  Good luck semua  
  22. Bitcoin
    jualid got a reaction from Hoffguy in What is your plan for last this year mega race   
    Well i don't have any plan for this year mega race, because i don't have much coin for the mega race, but i have 1 ticket raffle, so i hope i can win something from that 1 ticket lol.
  23. Love
    jualid got a reaction from ubbey04 in What if you won the first prize in Christmas Raffle?   
    I only have 1 ticket for the christmas raffle, so if really won the first prize it would be a miracle lol and i will be very happy of course, i will make a big rain for sure, withdraw some and play the rest.
  24. Bitcoin
    jualid got a reaction from fritz12 in Rhyme game!   
  25. Thanks
    jualid got a reaction from AndreB69 in Game time   
    I mostly play on sportsbook right now and if there is no match to bet or no interesting match then i usually will stop. Mostly are not more than 4 hours per day but it will be more saturday and monday.
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