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  1. thank you so much for valuable info. defiantely use in sports managemently, always lose all the coins in sports because of my overconfidence
  2. first i was store 1000$ in vault then 1000$ in trx coins and doge coins for playing casino games and 1000$ for sports then 3000$ i was saved in my personal wallet and some coins distributing in my friends they helping me always in my bad time thats why (sharing happiness with my friends) and enjoy with my family also (money is source to make life easier so always grab it and share something also its always good for u)
  3. i will use in sports to make some big amount and some coins wd also
  4. i dont like diamond poker, this game not good for hunting big payout 😷
  5. caveman2528

    Mobile Games

    i love PUBG, most of time me and my friends playing together😄😄
  6. my fav food is kolmbi rice and naan with mutton chap with rogan joshcurry
  7. lots of time spend on gambling sites and lots of time lose or win the coins , its addiction for me and i enjoy it