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  1. yooyoo hi-lo is nice game, some time me and my bro play this and decide who one clean car today hahaha
  2. TY for valueable information 🤩
  3. caveman: lazy and long hairy human and mascular (its another attitude guy, they loves animals like pythons , chitas etc) and funny name also
  4. lots of friends connect once again and now go to the college world again , lots of fun with sports bet and chilling with friend to watch games boom boom
  5. caveman2528


    monthly rewards minimum like this: Bronze : 10 dollar Silver : 13 dollar Gold : 50 dollar Plat : 75 dollar
  6. i got 14x max and i dont like wheel game i not playing, mostly i was played dice and sports
  7. some dirty minded people always meet u in ur life ,u dont blame on this people u keep doing ur work and stay away from those peoples god will panish that peoples (karma always gives u back)
  8. pikachu and bulbasore is my fav pokemon, pokemon catch game also good lots of time im not playing that game
  9. try this method : base bet: 500 sats payout: 3.5x loss incr. 78% win decrese: 20% only play 3 mins
  10. caveman01 ,🤩Happy birthday stake, yooyoo 🤩😍😘
  11. rich invest to make sources and poor always play all in one hahaha
  12. crash game: slide: casino:27446422037 keno: casino:27446029470