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  1. Good morning all We have 2 games today , 3 bets (total value 425TRX=11,47$) sport:5354256 sport:5354001 sport:5353995
  2. Was a good day 2 bets 2 wins , Profit = 242 TRX (6,95$) sport:5323677 sport:5323665
  3. Yesterday we hit one out of two bets Could be better, but we made around 1 TRX profit 🤣😂 , could be worst right? For today bets: sport:5323677 sport:5323665
  4. Hello all All L yesterday I am now only doing "safe" bets , no more combos/parleys ( only with pennys) Maybe more bets about this game , i am going to watch it live , if i see some good oportunited i post here sport:5303196 sport:5303372
  5. Hello we have some bets for today Starting with this one that is alive from yesterday bets Today bets sport:5264969 sport:5227157 sport:5264980 (tailed) sport:5265696 sport:5266054 (tailed) sport:5266127 This one too sport:5266614
  6. Hello , 7 bets for today sport:5227323 sport:5227316 sport:5227308 sport:5227157 sport:5227113 sport:5226283
  7. Made this two right before the games sorry for not posting sport:5145068 sport:5145936
  8. For today sport:5136964 sport:5137007
  9. We got this win today Over all we profit around 20$ sport:5076338
  10. Gonna share some bets for today/and this week sport:5099361 sport:5099348 sport:5076347 sport:5076338 sport:5071576
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