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  1. Borussia Dortmund - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Prediction: Draw Or TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Entering on the first game of the 3ΒΊ Game of bundesliga , my predicts will go to hoffenheim win/draw Dortmund lost the first 2 games , against bayern munich and Freiburg Hoffenheim start good with 1 win and 1 draw , and they have been playing a good football Not to mention the games they play against wich other Close game , unfortunally , hoffenheim lost 3-2 User: bentura123
  2. bentura123 MAGENTA big fan of stake
  3. Not a part from the challenge , but did hit this one yesterday lol sport:10931462
  4. Thanks all for the support , lets see where we can go
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