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  1. There is a much simpler ay, just double your money every weekends on sports and in 10 days/weekends see how much even 10$ can become by just doubling it . example 10 20 40 80 160 320 640 1280 2560 5120$ <10 th day/week of doubling your money via sports) now put aside 5000 start again from 120$ day 1...... enjoy
  2. User -mintingold brighton 1- man utd 2 crystall 1- everton 2 westbrom 1- chelsea 3 burnley 2- southampton 1 Sheffield 2 -leeds 1 totteham 3- newcastle 1 man city 2 leicester 1 westham 1- wolves 2 fulham 2- aston villa 1 liverpool 2-arsenal 1 Tie breaker- 28 min
  3. USER - MINTINGOLD Gw-2 predictions EVERTON 2-0 westbrom LEEDS 2- 1 fulham Man UTD 3- 1 crystall p Araenal 3-0 Westham southampton 1 -2 Tottenham Newcastle 2- 1 brighton chelsea 1-2 Liverpool Leicester 2- 0 burnley Tie break- 29 Min
  4. userid- mintingold Vienna ,austria. LOCALS TENSED AS THIER 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER GETS SERIOUSLY INJURED. WE ARE LIVING A normal life and our daughter had started going to school . We hd prepared her own room so that she could have her own bed and a study table for her studies and drawings. after few weeks started complaining that her room was too dark at night. I knew at this age kids become more aware of the scariness of the dark so I had no issue with allowing her a small night light. All seemed well until the other day. We put her to bed only for my husban
  5. Bat is a good option but I personally would want a privacy coin like xmr since that has the potential to reach at the top in next 10 years beating even bitcoin. Since privacy will become synonymous with cryptography
  6. Lol,who’s gonna beat your score man,15 and it has just begun. All the best. Although the rules can be really tricky on this challenge,since you never know if they say same team,player cannot be used in 2 different parlays. @MilanDj hi,so you cleared it all now. just for further clarification- so if 2 parlays are not exactly identical they will be allowed right? i mean i can use team 1 and team 2 to make 1 parlay. parlay 2 will have team 1 again and team 4 etc So i can use the same parlays but make atleast 1 change to differentiate it from other slips of mine, so th
  7. Fulham 1-2 arsenal crystall 1-2 southampton westham 2- 1newcastle Liverpool 3-leeds 0 westbrom 0- 1leicester totteham 1-1 everton brighton 1-3chelsea sheffield 0-1wolves tiebreaker - 9 minutes Username- mintingold stake forum userid-mintin4gold
  8. Sometimes get lucky is how ppl get bankrupt man. 80-20. bet 80% on just doubling it up to keep the bankroll growing 100% growth is a day is unmatched anywhere else stocks etc. bet 20% on luck ,long sports parlays, casinos etc whatever. That way you have a bankroll going. but the pros with 100k in bankroll only bet 1to 10% of bankroll on one bet,only singles or doubles. you see that way even if you lose some you are in plus. all the best. Dm if you need helps with tips.
  9. See the problem is we are all very greedy. so use a strategy. do sportsbetting if you know the game. bet 80% to double up with a easy single or parlay to make 2,3 odd. Just by successfully ocmpounding a 1$ bet for 30 days see what it does to your balance. Keep doubling 1$ 30 times what happens. You will probably stop at 15. Now you cannot successfully double it without knowing about the market well-just like stocks so start reading about teams,players. if you are using real money either buck up and learn about your game or hire a Pro tipster Who can help.
  10. stake username-mintingold epl 2020-2021 predictions :- 1 Manchester City 2 chelsea 3 liverpool 4 Arsenal 5 Man U 6 Tottenham Hotspur 7Everton 8Wolves 9Southampton 10Leicester 11 west ham 12 Sheffield United 13 Burnley 14Crystal Place 15 Newcastle United 16 leeds 16 brighton 18 fulham 19 Aston villa 20 West Bromwich outright bet to qualify sport:2954712
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