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  1. Hello again, folks. Really enjoyed reading your messages. You make me smile and enjoy my new job even more. @weswayahe Poem just came out from my head (and heart, I guess ), so it takes about 15 minutes for me to grind it. @AnnieGrace Thank you for such kind words but I have to ask you about that Dusan singing part?
  2. Thank you guys for warm and funny welcoming messages. I'm glad that you like my "poem". @maverick528 I got your point. You really made me laugh. :)))
  3. Milan is my name, gambling will never be the same. I am a new member of the great support team, so simply, I'm here to support you in having fun. Let's start right now with little poem I wrote to all of you whom spend some quality time here. Just to say HILO to all of you DICE. KENO explain how much I'm CRASHed on STAKE. God thank SLOTS for being here with you friends of MINES. VIDEO POKER is in my veins, adrenaline high like in russian ROULETTE. When I'm robbing PLINKO my body goes LIMBO. BLACKJACK spinnin' my WHEELs. BACCARAT and VIDEO POKER shook me up from head to heels. :)))