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  1. I'm going to say Liverpool, I expect this season to be closer than previous and hopefully a title race going to the last couple games. Having said that It would be cool seeing Tottenham winning it with MOURINHO!!
  2. Crystal Palace 1-1 Newcastle Brighton 1-2 Liverpool Man City 3-0 Burnley Everton 2-1 Leeds West Brom 1-1 Sheffield Utd Southampton 1-3 Man Utd Chelsea 1-1 Spurs Arsenal 1-1 Wolves Leicester 2-0 Fulham West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa tiebreaker: 13
  3. Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea Aston Villa 1-1 Brighton Tottenham 1-2 Manchester City Manchester United 3-0 West Brom Fulham 0-2 Everton Sheffield United 1-2 West Ham Leeds 2-2 Arsenal Liverpool 1-2 Leicester Burnley 1-1 Crystal Palace Wolves 1-0 Southampton Tiebreaker: 11min
  4. Someone in chat said the bets will be paid out in January for some reason
  5. Question; Does the winner get picked with the highest odds win or is it random winner?
  6. 297x on Money Train slot - Took me over 40-50 bonuses though!
  7. If you have the discipline and track all your bets / profits and so fourth, Yes you can make a living from gambling. (I have a friend who does) Getting rich is a different situation cause being rich means many different things to people.
  8. Wow!! That's the highest odds winner I've ever seen on Football.
  9. Flashscore for research and stats Bet365 for in-play live stats (Flashscore also has live stats but only on some games)
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