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  1. other than bitcoin going up and then slowing down then its the only the same old story , but there is some hope this coming march and before we get to easter then we are going to get some of the best return, but am still looking for someone who is going to help me in getting something in betting, am not sure I know how to bet its really hard and would love to know how to bet really
  2. Yes I sure do use a profit target its one of the best way one can be able to earn from it, the best way to even move forward and brace myself to the coming things there are so many things that we should be able to follow and they are all suppose to be well established but a route that earns you consistently is one of the best and one of the ways one enjoys working so its a yes to a certain route.
  3. Thats a pretty good idea, 1% a day is realy about 300% return on your innitial by the end of the year you are going to get, the best out of it, its pretty a very good idea and should be followed how every it also begs the question when does it get you because there is that one that can get you that one trade that snatches you and kicks you, or that one gamble there is no consistency in gambling
  4. Am going to join here, happy 2020 to everyone and those who are ready to work here its time to go and do their work so its important to also take a reflection and really see what this year has to do with everything, so happy 2020 and beyond,lets meet on December and reflect on the who year and see what will happen to everything we have in this forum
  5. Am sure its their choise, there is no one who is suppose to push anyone to do what they are not suppose to do but its a good thing that they should be able to do so, on their own wish, plus Valentine has nothing to add on gambling , we are doing business here and everything in its own time will come out perfectly and very well so its important to really do the right thing
  6. All my gamble should be staked at only 10 % and there is no going beyond that it could be suiside and it can even destroy you in so many ways so its important to put together a lot of things and even place the right ideas that yield so its that important to prove what we do is working , so in my own way , 10% is really enough, but on a good day am willing to stake more
  7. Am very new to all this , but am very sure am going very far so its important for me to focus and know how to put everything together and in focus I know its going to work well for me and its going to be something I enjoy very well so , its something that am learning and still very wiling to go very far with it and its the best for me in all cases
  8. Good idea , am very new here and am very sure I dont know what you have just said there, but to me its going to be a very good idea , but lets see other comments here and suggestions, am still in the learning mood and am going to exit from it very soon, am still very new here, am trying to make materials to which am able to place the same that we use in other online games.
  9. With stake forum ,am trying to do two things, one of them am trying to learn how to earn some coins with as little as I can and the other is am trying to make some money with the bonus I get from the posts I put on here, and there is only one problem here, there are so many things to learn here about posting and about puting together everything into perspective and this is why we have to always keep on learning, so am here to learn and to learn
  10. I believe here you will get a challenge, but the part where you are going to earn anything is to make posts, but gambling is going to be a little bit difficult for me to do because of the toughness that come whith it so am going to wait and see what will happen
  11. First of all , I came here because there was the mention of crypto so I did jump to that then because they are paying, and through staking or gambling , I could increase my earning so I want to learn how to gamble and at least increase everything I have by 2% everyday, thats my goal, but I need help, because am new to all this so to help me kind guys do something and even just inbox me and I will appreciate a lot.
  12. All this are really things that are good and am willing to learn, what is rain, because I need to understand what happens for us to make rain, am sure to which rain is something that earns you something good, but I will keep in touch trying to understand how to even gamble or stake, because gambler is a little hursh for us.
  13. I had about 20$ and its important we have to really develop the right effor that can make me earn something its important for us to make good posts and good gambling ideas because there is something that always good comes from it, am to make 20$ a day this would be really good but am sure going to make sure to make something that will help me move forward
  14. I think it does, look I have seen so many online casino offer bonuses and for those who play a lot they get a conditional bonus and this is good for those who love and are good in gambling so it should, I mean stake should be able to give players something for their time but if not am not so sure what will be the reward so its something that most people should consider
  15. Wow staking seems like fun, am not sure I have started, but is there a way one has been able to make money , or deposit money on stake casino, am not really good in casinos, they are a bit work to think of there is a lot I usually put out there and the work is a little bit tiring but am hoping onces I start putting more stakes , I might win something or being lucky.