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  1. Yes I would quit gambling this being that is a lot more painful to work in this kind of a market , or the gambling world, its easier to set up a good Job with 7000 dollars, not as good as you to earn a lot of cash but its good to earn something from it , so yeah its good to quit, gambling is fun but it requires you are able to have fun on your own limits , people actually do earn from gambling
  2. If there is a team that needed a break, is Arsenal , it has been performing badly , really since the last we saw Wenger on that field, at least with him we were winning the FA cup, but today , Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is doing some Changes, there is a lot being changed, and sometimes with the new players coming in and the lack of trophies in site, always sees the star footballers leaving the club, it has been in talks that Auba could also be leaving , being offered a lot of money for that and him being the top scorer not only in Arsenal but on EPL , could see him leave, but my shock is Lacazette, though a very good striker/winger, he has been able to prove himself to so many clubs, and its happening, he might be leaving the club very soon for Athletico Madrid, could be true, could be rumors, but to me as an Arsenal fun I would love him stay but we can have a better strike, I think , he scores but misses so many chances. What do you think?
  3. One day I woke up, and I dint know how to spend the whole day on a casino I dont know how it works, the previous tries were all fails, and I had lost everything, so this time I felt I needed some revenge, so I woke up, and decided to throw in some few dollars, about 4$ and so started on bitcoin, it was a strategy I had kept studying on dice, so over and over , I would keep on making some progress, and the whole day I kept on watching, my brother now was interested, what was this I kept on looking at the whole day, it really interested him a lot, so was my friend, thy joined me, and before I knew we were about 10 of us watching as the dice do its thing. I decided to stop at around 5 in the Afternoon and I dint realize time had gone that fast, so looking at my balance, now I was at 9$ , that shock me to the core, how did that happen, you mean I doubled my deposit? so I just was able to to double the money in a day and it was something very very interesting, almost got me going on dice, but I wanted to call it a day and leave, but it was difficult I had to go back ,but this time I had to deposit some ripple and see, problem is , I changed my strategy and in just under 30 minutes , my ripple deposit was gone, all on me. So that was a day I spent entirely on Stake casino. thank you.
  4. Just the other day , Bitcoin slammed to a low of 4000$ and I must admit this could have been the worst I saw, but then there was more to come and then it kept on changing over and over, and one day , it just busted out , we were heading up, but got stuck at 7,000$ for weeks, I thought that was that, and were waiting for a big move whether up or down , and then it happened, the big move happened, and the price surged to 9300$ per coin, bitcoin, and now we are stuck again, bitcoin has been ranging between 9,000$ and 8,700$ for a while now, and today all coins are red except EOS that is up 3%. Is it time to cashout on bitcoin? I think it would be really right to head out with about 50% of what you have, to avoid getting into a blood bath in crypto , thats according to me, what do you thing guys? Have a beautiful week.
  5. My favorite son is a gospel song , I used to love when I wsa young , its a gospel song from Kirk frankrlin , and its Revolution, and I think it was a statement that Gospel then was taking revolution and that it would change to something new , gospel but rap gospel, it was really something then and that song still plays in my head to date , thank you for asking
  6. I think am going to take your word for it, your whole story is very informative, and a little bit scarely because when you mention the word lose, it does care me a lot, how ever , its important that sometimes we get the other side of the story , betting , maybe its not bad , I never bet, I fear losing thats all and maybe its time I check the story again and see what is happening. Thanks for this story though, definitely a pin to read
  7. I actually did not get what you said there, can we understand what you said kindly it probaly is what am looking for to get the dice game straight, am still making some erros here and there and they are costing me a lot , hey hope you will explain what is up kindly thank you and be bless bro, I really do appreciate your input on this one, you talked of something I dint get
  8. Yeah today , of all days , is when I have come to realize the importance of stake on lock down its really nice am using it like I have been hocked to it all day and its actuallly working for me this is pretty awesome, I have learnt a lot today on stake casino and this is all thanks to the lock down , am enjoying it very much and am so thank full.
  9. I would also do the same, I must confess, at first I did not know how to use it, but now , I have a pretty good idea of what am doing its something I enjoyed really much today , and though there are other games to be on, but am staking on dice for a while to continue what I think must be done
  10. 1.5 BTC is a lot, by the way I just lost around 25 ripples but am planning a way to get them back though not now but sometime soon maybe a month or two , am not planning to deposit any time soon, what ever I have I must really work with it and multiply it, am all in the process of learning everything in this forum
  11. Yeah I believe so , the target is to be balanced and make profit and also to keep it real , sometimes am getting to attracted to the profit that I forget its a matter of time and everything is gone and not going to make a mistake any more I will keep on trying to be diciplined. thanks bro
  12. One of the dream that I have in bitcoin is to buy it when its Zero and probably even buy more than that, be able to get about 10000 bitcoins or so, and so this dream is always valid for me, because I believe there will one day be a crush and bitcoin will find itself in that position,and I pray that day I will be ready , but how ever , my dream has always been to see this kind of a move in crypto, but it happened in oil, the crush that happened the other day that saw Oil get to a negative zone, and this has never been heard of, basically if you bought it the other day at zero you would be 16 dollars richer today and this is my prayer , that bitcoin would crush then stand up again, all in the same week. My dreams are valid people
  13. I also think the coin has been dancing the same area for a while now, maybe a major move will hit the same but what would be the right thing to do , is to just wait and see what comes up, there could be something new , also the economic hardship that is going on in the world, which would make one preffer investing their money in something stable more than investing in bitcoin
  14. One of the most important thing about gambling is taking control, I mean as long as you are winning , there is excitement and there is a lot of calculations if you get this you might buy that, but that is not true, alot of work is needed, including working on your own emotions. Winning, then here comes the big L, you lose, and its painful, then you are out to take on a revenge, and you try your best to hit the big one that refunds your lose, and you find out its even worse, now you are confused and you dont know what to do, thats when stress gets in and then depression. The most important thing is to learn how to discipline yourself and to have control, always know your set in loses, and dont overdo anything, you get something, run with it, there is next time, be careful with your emotions because so many times people lose because they cannot take care of themselves.
  15. I think the best for me is the dice game I mean its one of the coolest game there is out there and it works perfectly for me if you come to it, there is a lot to enjoy in it and its the different levels to which we have to level out the dice, you can put parameters that would help you in making some cool money and it really does work , though not every day is the best day sometimes it does not work but it is the best I have been playing
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