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  1. Yes I would quit gambling this being that is a lot more painful to work in this kind of a market , or the gambling world, its easier to set up a good Job with 7000 dollars, not as good as you to earn a lot of cash but its good to earn something from it , so yeah its good to quit, gambling is fun but it requires you are able to have fun on your own limits , people actually do earn from gambling
  2. One day I woke up, and I dint know how to spend the whole day on a casino I dont know how it works, the previous tries were all fails, and I had lost everything, so this time I felt I needed some revenge, so I woke up, and decided to throw in some few dollars, about 4$ and so started on bitcoin, it was a strategy I had kept studying on dice, so over and over , I would keep on making some progress, and the whole day I kept on watching, my brother now was interested, what was this I kept on looking at the whole day, it really interested him a lot, so was my friend, thy joined me, and before I knew we were about 10 of us watching as the dice do its thing. I decided to stop at around 5 in the Afternoon and I dint realize time had gone that fast, so looking at my balance, now I was at 9$ , that shock me to the core, how did that happen, you mean I doubled my deposit? so I just was able to to double the money in a day and it was something very very interesting, almost got me going on dice, but I wanted to call it a day and leave, but it was difficult I had to go back ,but this time I had to deposit some ripple and see, problem is , I changed my strategy and in just under 30 minutes , my ripple deposit was gone, all on me. So that was a day I spent entirely on Stake casino. thank you.
  3. My favorite son is a gospel song , I used to love when I wsa young , its a gospel song from Kirk frankrlin , and its Revolution, and I think it was a statement that Gospel then was taking revolution and that it would change to something new , gospel but rap gospel, it was really something then and that song still plays in my head to date , thank you for asking
  4. I would also do the same, I must confess, at first I did not know how to use it, but now , I have a pretty good idea of what am doing its something I enjoyed really much today , and though there are other games to be on, but am staking on dice for a while to continue what I think must be done
  5. I think the best for me is the dice game I mean its one of the coolest game there is out there and it works perfectly for me if you come to it, there is a lot to enjoy in it and its the different levels to which we have to level out the dice, you can put parameters that would help you in making some cool money and it really does work , though not every day is the best day sometimes it does not work but it is the best I have been playing
  6. For the longest time that I have been trying to check on doge coin, I have come to realize its always there, it never moves its just stuck and it requires a lot of time to really take it to a different price, it has played around 0.002$ and 0.003$ for a while now , I only could come up with two reasons. 1. Doge coins are too many in supply, 125 Billion doges, as compared with 25 Million bitcoins 2. There are way to many Holders. I mean so many people dream of a day doge coin will hit 1 dollar and so thy keep on holding onto it, and not using it, so many have even millions of doge coins and so when you look at it, there is no circulations , so the price remains the same because of luck of activities. What would you say would be the reason
  7. Kariuki

    Kind question

    Am trying to transfer satoshis to my stake casino but there is this error that keeps on appearing, am wondering if there is something I did wrong because everytime am hiting that button there is an error that appears, does it happen more often of should I contact the moderator, kindly if some would, thank you very much and be blessed
  8. I know I have said this a number of times but I think I just lost a nother huge one and I did trying to recover from a huge loss, really painful , sometimes I just feel like not getting back to the casino , and the worst is, I will go back even before the end of the day today , oh now, but am gonna shake it and try again my luck , thank you
  9. Its tough bro, I just exited the stake casino fast and it was really painful, lost some good chunk right there and its painful,really painful am looking forward to trying again but am not really confident that much , it could be some bad luck again chipping it the right idea is to be sure sure of what am doing and just allow muself to do something different that is very very important
  10. Did you know there are people in this life who actually do gamble and live with it, they actually make it in life by gambling. I actually met a young person , very intelligent and successful and when I got to his apartment, I got shocked, I asked him what he does to have all that he did , and he said , simply , gambling and I was confused, and then he added, I bet , they I asked myself , how can you bet to earn anything . Thats impossible. I have seen people who buy state of the art computers and so many other equipment's for analysis just to get it right in gambling and they actually do post returns every time and it sounds actually something very easy but it works perfectly and it sometimes can be well organized and well protected , there are a lot of things to work with but the right time works well for everybody. betting can be very dangerous but when you can do it with analysis, then you can get some returns, dont target high, but get a balanced life of betting. Always do not bet more than 5% of your total deposit, but make it so big that it will always have some good returns when it comes to getting something back. SO I think , gambling, there are people who actually make a living gambling.
  11. Yeah I totally agree with you , I have been trying to get what would be the right idea to which we can be able to level the difference, and playing safe always comes out to be the best option and it works perfectly in so many cases we see out there.
  12. The fight I would love to see is that there is this one between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury , I think with Joshua , with just only one defete, he can try to take on Fury and see if he still can dominate the Heavy weight championship, I think this would be one of the greatest fight to be paired and Fury having demolished Wilder, He needs a new challenge and I think the best challenge for him would be Joshua. Which fight would you like to see among the heavy weights. It should happen after lock down, that would push us to some extent to enjoying a lot in after this crazy lock down. Thank you
  13. Well , tea if it counts as drugs, but it works perfectly , I cannot do anything without a cup of tea, sometimes I usually take even up to 6 cups of tea in a day, man thats crazy, if I dont, my head will ache till kingdom come
  14. And Usually its hard trying to run off and just say oh well , thats bad luck its important I get to the bottom of the lose and usually I dont have an idea how, but anyway thank you for the reply @evet God bless
  15. One of the hardest thing I have come to realize is on the stake casino , is to recover from a loss, how do you ? You lose almost even your mind and it becomes very difficult to even get everything right, there has been a lot of tough intuitions to understand what is right. I have lost whole bets and I start lamenting why did I take on any bet , its painful and every time I have gone for a revenge, I always stop after being kicked hard, really hard. How do you guys Literally recover your lost bets, someone told me you should increase your bet but while playing under the same parameters and it would work for us
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