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  1. i think Keno is better than slot, coz, mostly i got good results from keno rather than slot.
  2. 8 casino:28991660216 27 casino:28990986586 13 casino:28991072659 33 casino:28991315223
  3. i would like to bet mostly in basketball, except it, table tennis is good. but for betting live match is good way for winning, may be you will get low profit, but it the safest way to grab your win.
  4. Fulham 1-2 Arsenal Crystal Palace 1-2 Southampton West Ham 2-1 Newcastle Liverpool 3-1 Leeds West Brom 1-3 Leicester Tottenham 1-0 Everton Brighton 1-3 Chelsea Sheffield United 1-1 Wolves Tiebreaker: 16
  5. shivshaw11 Good Luck Eddie!!!!!!
  6. Stake User name : shivshaw11 My team name is Joni United
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