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  1. DrStrange #93 is the Jersey number of Doug Gilmour! 1 of my top 3 favorite hockey players all time! Go Leafs Go!
  2. Well I attempted to play on some other sites but busting made me throw my mouse at my computer screen. Lol So i then smoked a large quantity of drugs and spent the last 2 hours sitting on my floor tweaking on hooking speakers up to my stereo as the speakers i was using was made out of 8 dead speakers from old phones wired together LoL. I now have music again and remembered how much i hate drake lmfao! Its a good thing there was no Leafs game to watch when i am mad like that as I have broken two big screen tvs watching hockey games. When the other team scores i got so mad I threw the remote through the tv. Lol twice. Go Leafs Go...and happy gambling Username: @DrStrange
  3. Ice Hockey - USA - NHL - OTT @ TOR Thursday Mar 25 6:00 PM 1x2 - Toronto to win by 2 Odds 1.69 The The Toronto Maple Leafs will win this by at least 2 goals. They were #1 in the league for the first few months until a slump that has them losing 6 of their last 8 games. The last game they got a shutout over the Calgary Flames which has the momentum going for them again. The leafs top two players Auston Mattews and Mitch Marner who led the league in Goals (Matthews) and points (Marner) until this slump are hungry as Matthews has only scored 3 goals in his last 11 games after injuring his wrist. The Leafs just announced that their enforcer Wayne Simmonds who just returned last week from a broken wrist that took him out for 6 weeks will be moved up to the top line with Matthews and Marner to give the line some toughness and aggression which should give the line the boost they need. Also they are playing at home against the Ottawa Senators and they have had 3 games in Toronto against the Senators this year and they had 2 Wins and one loss in overtime. Auston Matthews has 19 goals, 14 assists and a plus-minus of 4 in 21 games against the Senators in his career. More goals than he has scored against any other team in the NHL. On the flipside of the coin the Senators are also last place in the north division and have the youngest lineup in the league and are riddled with injuries at the goaltender position, which has them down to using their 4th string Back Up Goalie who has only one game in The NHL under his belt With the NHL trade deadline looming The Leafs management will be looking closely at the players who will be players will be trying to get their numbers up to prove their worth to the team and/or show their potential trade value. As a die hard leafs fan I try not to bet on their games because my opinion is biased but even I will be making this bet because smart money says this is a winning bet if you add up the pros vs cons. Good Luck on your bets. Cheers and Go Leafs Go!
  4. Ok so first off Let me say that my computer is old and lags a lot and my network is really slow. So when I do the telegram challenge sometimes after I read what the challenge is by the time I get to the game and open it the challenge is already done and moved on to the next one. So if I want to participate I need to save ram memory every way I can. Which usually means I read the challenge then close telegram and close chat as well or my computer just lags and crashes. Then i check periodically in chat to see if it has been completed. That being said Twice in the last month I have been screwed because of this. The telegram challenges are ridiculously hard for me usually, the multipliers and what not they ask for are out of my realm of possibility usually. The first time was about 3 weeks ago when the challenge was on Limbo and it said hit 54321X multiplier and on top of that it said that your betID had to end with an even number. After like 30 minutes of trying and busting everything I had. To my shock I actually hit it. I rolled like 116,358. This is b y far the highest multiplier I have ever hit in a few years playing here. I think my highest before that on limbo was like 2000x So I checked my Bet Id and it ended in zero. I thought sweet I won. I went into chat everyone was still hunting it so it wasn't done and when I posted it they said zero doesnt count as an even number. It didnt say that when I read the challenge apparently they added it after. I was so mad I quit and left that day. and now just this last week the telegram challenge was hit 3000x on Hi/Lo which I laughed and said thats damn near impossible but after about 15 minutes of trying I started going up over 100x then over 500x then over 1000x, 2000x and I didnt even skip a single card I got to like 2500x and got spooked so i skipped one then got it then did it again and it put me over 3000x without a skip til the very end I was shocked I have never hit more than like 500-600x on hi/lo before. when I Posted my win in chat, they said not a win. I said how and apparently again they changed the requirements after I had already started playing saying that your not allowed to skip any cards. If I had known this from the beginning I wouldnt have skipped I didnt skip until my last 2 cards and they were both higher or lower as I would have guessed anyways. My point is if they hadn't changed the requirements after posting them, then my highest multipliers ever on both those games would have counted and I would have known what I was hunting for. Changing the requirements after the fact completely screwed me out of winning with the highest multipliers ive ever hit on Limbo and Hi/Lo. Completely unfair and so not cool.
  5. VIDEOPOKER: 36,919,111,347 placed by drstrange on 24/02/2021 Wagered 0.00241150 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.01929200
  6. BLACKJACK: 35,860,307,125 placed by drstrange on 08/02/2021 Wagered 1.28224999 Multiplier 2x Profit 1.28224999
  7. best time to buy was jan2019 after the crash lol ....watch the market I see another crash coming in the near future.
  8. I loved casper lol I Still know every word to the theme song ....I'm singing it right now lol......and its already stuck in my head lol now im gonna be singing it all day!
  9. My all time favorite TV shows are The Simpsons and Jeopardy no question. ~~Rest in peace Alex Trebek~~(I honestly cried for days when he passed away this past year) for drama series probably Breaking Bad or Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Smallville watched all seasons on all of them lol. (side note: James Marsters one of the best at playing bad guys lol because on angel and Buffy he played Spike and on Smallville he played Dr. Milton Fine and one of my favorite villains BRAINIAC (The Brain.Inter.active.Construct)
  10. When I first started gambling on casinos online my username was always Vegeta or Kakarot Lol
  11. I watched raccoons every sunday when I was a kid. Sunday was also for rocky and bullwinkle and Casper the friendly ghost and Garfield and friends. Saturday morning was GI Joe and transformers, Voltron, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, ummm my pet monster, denver the last dinosaur, smurfs lol on week days before school it was inspector gadget beetlejuice and the real Ghostbusters. Hercules, wacky racers, Felix the cat, Woody woodpecker, speed racer, teddy ruxpin, gummy bears , the smoggies, captain planet, reboot, dragon ball z, sailor moon, every comic book cartoon ever made lmao... oh late night cartoons like Ren and stimpy, beavis and butthead, gargoyles, cybersix, biker mice from Mars The super Mario brothers show,.... OK this is where I quit but i could do this for days and days lol......... I'm a cartoon junkie I pretty much watched all the cartoons and still do!!! I also have an eidetic memory so I don't forget any of them I still know the theme songs for most of them LOL. ha ha ha ha
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