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  1. I said, I shouldn't tagged anyone... But, I tagged everyone because I thought people will help seeing the situation... And, let me asked you how old are ? In a manner which you are talking give me Sense that you are around 22 to 26.. because people btw this age have Hot Blood and have no patience or thought before uttering any word... I don't know what the people reply... Are people here stupid or what ? Now let me ask you one question do you know who created the account? Tell me and give me the prove who created the account.... How much stupid people are doing gambling? Or should I say only stupid people are found to be gambling? Because they better don't find any place to use there brain? I can't reply as I reach daily limit but, I will get back tomorrow..
  2. Sir, didn't I mentioned above that I didn't create any account? How many time should I mention it ? Do you think if I would have created account, some parents want there children to gamble?
  3. Thanks you for responding...but, the fact is people here seeing I created account for my gambling and my son gamble it !!! 🤦‍♂️ That is not the case... K didn't even understand what the crypto thing was till March 2019... Then how I suppose to protect any account? If Stake could had Proper KYC then my son would not had created account at first place .. and if all casino do that then no children can open any account on any casino website ... People here thinking, I created account and I allow my son to gamble ... I gaved my password to my son to gamble.... Are you people thinking that ? Firstly holding such reputation and using abusive word giving the indication that what character really you are... Yaa I apologise for taging Everybody I think everyone will help me out... And last I had asked Askgamblers official and they said they haven't got any response from stake since 7th February... Now, I give you one advice either you are not adult because how you talk and use abusive words clearly shows you don't have any character... And, if you are a adult then I think you haven't been taught how to speak with someone... I can also use abusive words it's not like you only knew these words.. and I had seen more then 100s of people like you ... Speaking anything which don't make any sense...
  4. whole chain of system is responsible... From Gambling authority, to Advertise company, to Govt who are making legislative Rules... I can say lots, but not just this casino but, 1. Legislative body letting allowing online casino to function without asking user Identity... 2. Advertising letting casino do promotion on internet, on public where there possiblity that Children could be also effected by these ads.. 3. Casino it's not implementing KYC (Identification process) before letting user gambling... 4. As , parents I am too I didn't able to protect my son from all this... And, let him exposure to all these things everything before ditry just for share of making money
  5. Sir, I don't know exact vaule in Dollars or INR but, in Coin it is 10107 XRP... And I had paid parents 3000 $ in February 2019 from my pocket
  6. Now , you talking sensibly... Many people here point out... Nowwt me point this out , If a child gamble and loss does it Give right to casino to make money out of Children bets ? If you support that Making money out of Children is fall under casino, then I can really can't say anything... Just wonder why then casino out banner that Children should not gamble on there platform why don't they simply say , yes children are also welcome... and also when Casino do promoting does they ever even think that advertisement will be gonna effect children?... And also does even casino know Out of all there user there could be 50% 60% user would be teen ? Does they even care to know about it ? No they don't nor they want to because they only here for money it doesn't matter from where it is coming they don't care about source of origin of that money... Now also, let me point out that , Either Casino was accused of something in past I don't know nor should be caring , if they have bad reputation of scamming people in past then why the hell they will return the money from there own side ? What logic are you taking? And also if Askgamblers website is open by few people then why Stake official register with them ? Why they did partnership with that website? And, for your kind information casino give that information activity perform from that account was done by child... When then he transfer fund here... And people here saying why don't you put password on account... Do you think I haven't done that ? And, people who are saying that I am scamming for your kind information I am asking for my money and not asking for donations from anyone by lieing... I wonder now people will say I am the one who Own Thoes Both casino, also I am the one who Own that Exchange and also I am the one who own Askgamblers platform... Right? Guys ? According to you people logic? I open all thoes Companies so, I pre- plans everything for 13 month so, one day I can scam Stake casino... Right? Sorry if I tag someone without there permission... I apologise for that I agree there was mistake from side as a parent guidence was not proper... But, do you think even if everything is secure in my home ... How I am supposed to know what my son is doing outside? Just let me asked this.. if you are a parent or even when you was small does your parents know what are you doing outside ? Evey signal action second by second... And , I am not running from this factor that there is my responsibility how I grow my child and I can't put responsibility to anyone.. but, in current internet world does it possible for you know what your son is doing on someone else smartphone when kid is out for playing? Or in school? Also, I am surprised to see a lot of people there standing solely towards Casino.. no one ever said casino thoes who are Advertising, doing sponsoring in public gathering like sports events, live telecast are doing wrong and that can effect children... I don't see anyone saying anything...
  7. Yes, it's scam that's why I fooled 2 Casino, yes it is scam that's why Askgamblers official allowed to post.. and yes it's scam that's why Exchange official help me.. Everything is well scripted right ? Doesn't it... ? Ohh sorry forget to exclude you.. apologise from my side ...
  8. Here is link of the compliant : https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/stake-casino-requesting-for-help On 7th of Feb Stake official said they will going wait for reply from Askgamblers team... But, when Even Askgamblers official asked for details on 7th of Feb, Stake official yet haven't replied anything and more then 79hr already passed out. Kindly please Help some and even on Life Chat support no one is responding to my question. Such a rude behavior 😠 by Stake official. Askgamblers official then decided to reset the time frame of the complaint by giving more 95hr to them. I don't know how long Stake official will going to delebrately ignore the things and why they acting so, arrogantly. I don't know what is there true intentions from behind. They already delayed it more then 3month. But, when I visited Askgamblers platform they some how went giving response. But, what Askgamblers team asked them they haven't yet replied ... I urge for help. And, see how Stake official are behaving and delebrately doing delay tactics when they don't have anything to say.
  9. I will share that what happened in next 48hr... As with in 48hr Askgamblers Complaint time is going to over...
  10. Sir , you can check out the Askgamblers Complaint Link I put above... You will find all details and all possible screenshot there , I attached there Sorry , i mis placed the Complaint link... I am attaching again give me just one min here is the complaint links : https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/stake-casino-requesting-for-help Now you can Sir, check the link ... Earlier I attached wrong link sorry for that .you can now check evidence there ...
  11. No need for do argument or give any justification... It's clear you haven't every single line which wrote... Reading though the above and making statement is good way to give justification.. hope you understand this try to read again from the beginning... I simply what to say this ... I don't know from where came or weather it was lost millions time in past or not... I don't know because there is no way to prove that what happened in past Because lot of people here then going to assume either it's lie or not as per there believe system because lot of here will not believe what ever I say... That's why I am talking in present... Do I have evidence to prove who deposit money here ? Yes, I have and that's why I had submitted the evidence.... And, I don't need give anyone any justification what happened because people heck Don't gonna care nor they gonna help me... So, it's will be waste of time doing what happened in past ... It's better talk on technical aspects and I had said earlier as well and iterated it I had already given evidence ... Once case is investigated and verdict came I will going to share it here...and rest every one will know And, yes it's so easy to give advice to others to do this and do that... When it's can to face it in reality every one run... And, yes casino is not responsible fully but, casino is a one factor in this whole drama..
  12. I am thankful that someone humbly care to atleast reply... I absolutely agree I need to protect my money. And, ofcourse adult should be responsible for there children action. Now, coming to other point to mention posting some screenshots will not prove who was gambling... But, I guess you missed the most important point there... I had given Statement which was forwarded by Exchange CEO " that exchange do keep record about there user activity not like other Casino who don't asked user for there KYC before letting him/her involved in a exchange of money... And the Exchange CEO himself given that statement I had posted the screenshot on Askgamblers you can read it there. Now, it's long story to explain how my son got this much money. In short when he first gamble on Duckdice he borrowed from his friends which was there fees... And , the I had paid my son's friends parents Money... Hope it explain you that how my the money which my son Lost was not mine but, it is mine.. And now coming 3rd question that Children should be responsible for there action. I agree with you here... So, as per your logic we should allow children to Do gambling? We should allow children to do smoking? We should allow children to drive on highway? We should allow Children to visit any adult website? If you consider children should be responsible for there action... Then why don't you request Casino to mention that you can gamble on out platform age is not any barrier... And, if they don't let children withdraw in case he /she win then how casino got right to make money from children gambling? How one side they can consider children as immature and parllel to that Casino denied to refund when kid gamble?, Because they want or say just care about money they don't care what is happening.. Umm ? And if casino are genuinely care about children the why don't they implement KYC Everytime someone new registrate because that will impact there way of making money because many of user will be found to children and it's will more time consuming for Casino... If Casino are so, Caring about child the why they are refunding money ? So, because they know children will chase that loss and kid will again visits there website and again loss and this cycle keep going and Casino make profit and all blame go to children?, Does evr anyone here complaint about Casino doing Advertising on TV and sponsoring when children see these things they just don't have enough maturity to know what will be consequences of his actions in near future... But, no No authority not any public here car about all this ... They are In your own tune... I can say lots but, I don't want to fight because I know everyone here will oppress me ... And that why I just need my money back and rest I will left what casino do... Because when someone try to complain to bring Change everyone first laugh at you then Criticize you and finally admitted it... You people will not know how I went in past 14 month... Rest I think I had nothing to iterate I don't hell care about people who don't have manners to speak.. Go first and learn how to be humble and then get back teaching someone what is right and what is wrong... Get your self on right track ...
  13. Thanks for humble response.. and generous caring... Now just me this Sir, Just tell me one way how i can monitor my son 24*7 and ... Do you also monitor your child 24*7 ? Or does your parents monitor you 24*7 ? So, you refrain from doing any bad activity? Do you not allowed your child to go to play? Do you not allowed your child to go to school? Do you not allowed your child to go with friends? Do you surveillance your son 24*7? So, you know what he is doing? Or this is how you as child was patented? Just look this vastness in current world of internet... Suppose if your children go to his friends house and use his phone to register account on stake ! Will you get notified and will you know instantly that your son just registered and he/she about to gamble? Will you know that answer me in yes or no.. if yes then I think you are God if no then please talk logically don't you think I am always right listen firstly what other saying then give respose.. No one used my account not I ever visited any Stake website... That why I was asking all of you.. How confidentiality you are saying who gamble and who not ? Can you prove that who was gambling? If no then why people like you reach to conclusion of something without thinking once what they are talking!!! Now coming to another point T&C So, you mean Casino get right to make Money from Child gambling right ? According to your logic? Here once children lost they are not allowed get refund other side here once children gamble and win then also not allowed to withdraw... Why that double standard? There is clearly intentions that Casino on internet are ready to give there service to children so, they can earn from Child gambling... If that is not the case then why they are making profit from child losses? And why not ready to return? Just answer these two questions which I asked you... @Katarina
  14. Ahh Nice .. I see how low a people can think... Answer me this question, how will I know that all of you who made comment on this post are not child and adult in reality? Who verify that just give me that dam answer! I know Everyone who is talking here will refrain from this... What is the evidence that all of you here are adult? Firstly mind your language and learn how to be humble before speaking , learn manner and then you come and talk , shouting in your head I don't give dam about it... and hell don't care... So, here one person saying I did gambling, other your son is responsible other one is saying you as a parent is responsible... First of all of you decide who did gambling either me or my son ?! Stupidity as it's prime here... No one knows what they are talking... I had asked earlier one question and asking just one... Just prove me who was gambling ? Either it was me or it was son ? Could anyone of you who sepak here blindly just care to prove me that and I will never going to sks for refund from Stake... Have anyone dare to prove ? I will be waiting for reply from all of you.. use your all Brian prower to prove that... And get back to me ...then I will answer further
  15. Ohh Thanks both of you taking time to replying me and now go and check the Complaint link which posted on Askgamblers site... And you will see how I prove that who was gambling and who was not... And if you don't mind what will make me believe that you are not kid and adult? Just click on a digital make you 18+ ? Right? If so, then 50% of adult sites traffic generate when it was visited by Children does that make all Teen adult for certain time till they were on Website? Please talk with logic and please see the complaint which I attached you find all proves and screenshot... And please don't Act Baised towards something be rational and look the whole detail and then better make any assumption that will be good... If you want prove check the Complaint link and go though all the massage which wrote there Thanks for your concern. When you will read the massage which I posted on Askgamblers you will understand how this happened 3nd time... I had attached all evidence from where money came and what happened and attached the prove of transaction