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  1. It was never be easy to control yourself, me when playng i can't stop...
  2. ☺☺☺thanks AnnieGrace, it such a good and very expressive advice, your right, first when you enter to the website first 3 moves you'll win and the 4th will unassured. I must control myself too, i hope ,will win. 😊
  3. I always think that, but in the end ...empty my wallet again. .. I can't control myself. .. Right now I stop play, I'll come back tommorrow. Thanks 😊
  4. For me my biggest mistake is ,I can't control myself when it is straigth winning then suddenly boooom it's empty my wallet.. 😣
  5. Hi! Everyone im new here. And I am stake member since last year. I almost loss 500pesos in playing. Any tips on how to win.
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