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  1. I think that they are in the making of adding some sort of races for sports only , as you may have seen not for that long they added the wager you do on sports to the races that are normally meant for casino , so they are doing some huge things , stake is always adding new things and we might see this thing as well in the near future , it would be interesting considering how many high balanced players bet on sports.
  2. @JacksonPalmer these rules that you are suggesting are some of the best rules i've ever seen , we should also add a rule that says , Always ask support for some quick bitcoin . +1 I would definitely consider this thread
  3. I would think that there are gambling strategies some that work because they outsmart the casino , but there's a bit but , the casino can still manage your strategy based off your profit and loss , they are changing every time your winning , there is a high chance of you losing after , because they need to make money
  4. I would reckon a prizepool would be nicer , sharing among the other players participating and the 1st 2nd and 3rd is not really fair what about the other participants?
  5. There is this new song that mr Lil Nas came out with and I am sort of a fan of what he's managed to do. I was wondering if there is any other fans on here that would love to share their favorite song / artist in here https://l-ink.link/lil-nas-x
  6. Very wise words from a wise man ! Stake is in deed one of the best , maybe even the best gambling sites out there , the things they manage to create and how much money they give back to the players is amazing.
  7. I would't chance my name because I love this one but it would be interesting to see what other people would want to chance their's into!
  8. If I were to win a lambo or even 1k , it would be so much to me because I could buy a new GPU , upgrade my setup or invest a bit of that money into stonks , if I would win the lmabo I would share most of the money with my parents and especially my grandma which would need it a lot. Good luck to everyone reading this and may the luckiest guy win!
  9. I only got 20 , but it only takes that lucky ass ticket , who knows who will win ? but I bet they will be very happy and rich rich !
  10. Take some time off gambling and then if you are some sort of an addict like me you can chase your losses and maybe win or lose more ! , good luck mate :3
  11. I hope Eddie will see these songs , or he will play them tomorrow
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