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  1. If I need to restore important files to the HDD, then I use Partition Recovery http://www.diskinternals.com/partition-recovery/ This is the best program for these tasks.
  2. Now I am choosing a plastic welder https://itechcluster.com/best-plastic-welders/ to repair electronics and household appliances. Tell me, which model should I choose for the price / quality ratio?
  3. I was even in court, where they wrote me a fine.
  4. I can wear the same clothes for several years, every day. This will continue until the clothes are completely worn out. I am talking about working form. For example https://itechcluster.com/best-pants-for-welding/ now I’m looking for myself new pants for welding. But in everyday life, I try to diversify my wardrobe.
  5. In January, I reached +1200 dollars.