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  1. I just use an exchange buy bitcoin and good to go
  2. Yes they did the 10 min reload again for monthly which is more than daily reload so that's good thanks eddie
  3. I'm gonna give it a shot using doge and see how it goes will let you know thanks
  4. Yeah I wonder how much it costs to be play 3 in the first place it's not worth really playing for rank ups just for fun but play 3 must be like $900 bonus so grats
  5. This doesn't matter anymore that exchange shut down and was pretty terrible anyways hope stake never does something like this again
  6. Yes it would be cool to have a solid amount to play with like I know when I'm playing with $1 rather than googling conversions I think it could work really well and instant transfer is a plus
  7. Never do this I got scammed $200 once it's overdone with fees and scammer it's better to just go in a reputable exchange upload your ID and wait for verification there is no reason you can't do this if your playing here
  8. Yes this will last for a few months at least some say it can potentially be still September but once everyone gets it it'll be over
  9. Level high numbers 13 21 19 3 259x payout for only 4 gems landed I've hit it with 4 xrp bets
  10. I don't think they kick anyone I can't talk in the telegram if you mean chat yes they will ban you if you go against the rules but telegram is only for claiming bonuses/updates for vips
  11. 5 days is better for playing but one time would be ideal if you want to withdraw a large amount at once which I prefer and it won't take 5 days of claiming to do
  12. Depends where you wanna RIP the fastest if you plan to try to get a win go for TT if not casino is fine but you will rip pretty fast or will make profit
  13. I only have two moods and it depends on how well I'm doing if I'm profiting I'm happy if not I'm pretty annoyed and want to chase losses heavily
  14. Eddie hinted that since their was no $25 for all raffle owners they would make up for it at a later time what do you think it would be? I hope for a similar reload like the 10 minutes but an hourly would be cool too.