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  1. KENO: 28,389,082,271 placed by marcos225 on 27/08/2020 Wagered 0.00065536 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.17629184
  2. LIMBO: 27,963,236,064 placed by marcos225 on 18/08/2020 Wagered 12.50000000 Multiplier 100x Profit 1237.50000000 LIMBO: 27,964,658,529 placed by marcos225 on 18/08/2020 Wagered 10.00000000 Multiplier 100x Profit 990.00000000 LIMBO: 27,965,247,530 placed by marcos225 on 18/08/2020 Wagered 12.50000000 Multiplier 65x Profit 800.00000000 LIMBO: 27,965,232,788 placed by marcos225 on 18/08/2020 Wagered 6.25000000 Multiplier 65x Profit 400.00000000 LIMBO: 27,965,235,568 placed by marcos225 on 18/08/2020 Wagered 6.25000000 Multiplier 65x Profit 400.00000000
  3. I'm gonna give it a shot using doge and see how it goes will let you know thanks
  4. Yes it would be cool to have a solid amount to play with like I know when I'm playing with $1 rather than googling conversions I think it could work really well and instant transfer is a plus
  5. Yes this will last for a few months at least some say it can potentially be still September but once everyone gets it it'll be over
  6. I don't think they kick anyone I can't talk in the telegram if you mean chat yes they will ban you if you go against the rules but telegram is only for claiming bonuses/updates for vips
  7. Depends where you wanna RIP the fastest if you plan to try to get a win go for TT if not casino is fine but you will rip pretty fast or will make profit
  8. I only have two moods and it depends on how well I'm doing if I'm profiting I'm happy if not I'm pretty annoyed and want to chase losses heavily
  9. They can put an ad on the site for a short time and all ad money goes to charity only for a short time and would be on a separate page PEOPLE have to click on to watch so it doesnt interrupt people who dont want to this will be beneficial for them for doing a good cause and they dont have to take anything out of their pockets.
  10. Seed has nothing to do with the results the algorithm just has ups and downs and maybe longer downs then ups because of the edge that edge of 1% seems insignificant but over a 1000 rolls it adds up just think how does stake stay profitable if they were always losing? They wouldnt the edge is the reason for those long downs and if your lucky the ups stay for a while but eventually go away
  11. What are you doing quarantined besides playing on stake? Any thing good to watch on netflix
  12. If they're mad they probably just lost if they're tipping they just won their really is only a middle ground if some promotion is going on like the 10 minute reload. Some people are just happy losing so I dont know.
  13. My biggest win was 1600xrp I play pretty low rush though
  14. The stake bonuses are really nice I made weekly to $100 but ripped it was only $10 to start but it's good for wager
  15. I don't think it favourites anyone but sometimes I get double tipped from it which is just chance
  16. marcos225

    Most Hated Game

    Plinko has high payouts with the worse chances of all to hit a 1k multiplier you can expect it once every 32,000 rolls compare this to limbo where you can hit 1000x once every 1k rolls ?? It is fun to watch and probably why people play it but terrible odds
  17. Chicken fried, breaded, stuffed chicken is goooood
  18. I have never hit 50x, I think the odds are terrible and why anyone would even play diamonds when they can play keno with wayy better odds of hitting. Kinda suprising.
  19. 5 million win?? Stake must have many millions to pay that win out.
  20. I saved it up to 200k 4 times and withdrew then deposited all at once and lose lol but good for wager
  21. Yeah they usually don't warn me or anything just mute even if I was joking but got perm muted
  22. I dont think there is something like this but I do think the algorithm has either a down day or an up day, for example I can be playing and will randomly hit 25x 4 times within a short amount of rolls and this would continue - until it doesnt and when it doesnt its usually pretty bad hits, its like a roller coaster
  23. I like little races better gives low bettors a chance at a prize
  24. Limbo, a fast paced crash with endless possibilities.
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