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  1. i like dicebot for dice very much..but stake has many other games...so i want stake.com to develop bot for atleast limbo...if not for all games..so that we can try all kinds of strategies
  2. Either odds or house edge will eat you away... So there is no way to win.. Prove me I am wrong... I would be happy to be wrong but I believe truth is bitter Martingale is destroyed by odds and others like random vs random is destroyed by edge... Example :if I followed random vs random or plinko or keno to hit 1000x.. Already I would have wagered 10btc in dice, more than 100btc in keno and 0.7btc in plinko to hit that if basebet was 1000sats...so already house edge ate more than 0.01btc... So what is the use of hitting after also... And I learned that randomness follows cycles... If you win and if you continue you will loose and if you loose but continue still you will loose because house edge.. The only way to profit from casino is to hit a profit such that you need not gamble again.. That is 10btc profits.. But odds come here and never let the 100k sats hit 9900x in first roll.. So the truth is bitter
  3. Slots edge is higher but it is almost similar to playing plinko and keno... But they have low edge.. 1%...but slots has 2.7% Any specific reason for this??
  4. I think races should be considered as a bonus but we should not play specifically for races
  5. Thanks for the info in this thread.. Hope I can become vip soon
  6. Congrats Bro... Needs lots of patience and passion to achieve it
  7. I love lotteries... Though stake.com is no. 1 it can add lot more.. Hope it adds them
  8. Since stake.com has gained positive reputation and became no. 1 btc casino... I think it is best time to increase the bet speed many times... Like I saw in other website which is offering this feature but only in dice... The speed was 1000 bets per second... Hope stake also introduces this feature in future... Just imagine keno or plinko or limbo running at that speed..
  9. Casino is best... In sports you need to wait for many hours
  10. I'm exactly going through same situation now lol
  11. based on your deposit bro... you cannot just multiply your balance again and again... randomness catches you after some time...
  12. I think taking breaks doesn't matter in this provably fair games
  13. We can make money in gambling but the problem is we cannot make 10btc out of 50k sats we deposit... That's why we loose