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  1. My favorite game is Hilo, its my bread and butter here in stake. i won and lost a lot playing hilo.. even though I find hilo so rigged I stil play it and lovin it
  2. Yeah Stake is the best.. its simple buts its the best in every all aspect. all aspect including eating your coins too hahha. I love Stake.
  3. Im a fan of MMORPG games.. my 1st mmorpg game was Ragnarok Online, played a lot of mmorpg games back then but the best game for me is RF Online..
  4. I really dont believe on seeds.. i seldom change seeds.. i really dont feel how seeds depends on our results..
  5. HILO: 16,548,859,724 placed by swixx12 on 14/02/2020 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 11.3868x Profit 0.00124641 HILO: 16,783,281,511 placed by swixx12 on 17/02/2020 Wagered 8.00000000 Multiplier 24.2228x Profit 185.78241442
  6. im not that active in tele.
  7. Hello guys are are you all.. I hope everyone enjoys stake like a do.. I enjoy playing it while I earn a little.. I play stake from time to time since I am always online... Im not that a hard heavy gambler but I always tilt lol.. goodluck to all and enjoy playing stake.