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  1. Hello every one im just here to share my experience in sports betting dota the first time i won on team secret but suddenly it's voided because of wrong odds but all of the enemy of team secret is high odds heres the pictures of the bet and by the way that time secret win 7 consecutive championship in dota tournament Here's the id of the bet i bet on secret enemy sport:1624821 sport:1624821 sport:1474794 sport:1490777
  2. How much will be the reward if you win anyone know please answer me thanks
  3. Just try your hard to quit it and go have fun play pc or mobile games just to have fun
  4. Hello guys by the way I'm justin and I love to play dota 2, Valorant, Mobile Legends and here i am playing at stake hoping to win to all my betting at sports bet to support my dream to become a streamer that's my dream hehe how about you?
  5. xlm i want to see xlm to be listed in stake crypto currency
  6. Verification of account is need because some user have multiple account if this become mandatory all player have only 1 account and no bonus and promotions abuse from other player that have multiple account
  7. It's possible because china economy grow bigger after they finally win covid 19 i remember when first covid strike in china the price of bitcoin is too low same goes for eth 100$
  8. Congrats to all winners have fun
  9. I see stake in Facebook Instagram because i follow them and only Facebook and Instagram i have
  10. Happy new year everyone hope you all guys have a safe and bless every day have fun
  11. Just bet low amount and double your bet if you lose then if you win back your bet at your starting bet Just play it safe just bet 100 sat on dice or limbo set at 50% win if you lose double you bet don't stop until you win abd and if you win back your bet at 100 sat
  12. If you lose on dice double your bet and if you win back your bet at starting point just try and thank me later 😉 dont forget to set at half for 50% slowly but surewin
  13. For me it's almost 1 year before i get bronze hehe that's because i dont have so much money to bet
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