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  1. 1. James Wiseman 2. Anthony Edwards 3. Obi Toppin 4. LaMelo Ball 5. Killian Hayes
  2. i tried that, then i'm on profit and lose a bet it will wont increse the base bet, it will increase only then i'm on minus profit this way its good for wagger
  3. hey i come after a few weeks, coz dicebot dont work and why not to use the future from site After profit the bet amount dont reset from where i started its keep going higher and higher, i moved in first line, second and nothing
  4. How about people dont use forum like me, i dont participate on vip chalanges or type to much here. Should i start spaming the topics to get 100 posts like u said. I never won on eddie stream but i dont care. There are ppl who stay on chat site all day and they are seems by mods differently. yeah ppl can make multi account but i understand moderators can see that ... 20-50 post are fine to me 100 i think is to much
  5. hello i just tried like i played with bots but didnt worked - decrease on win xx % - increase on lose xx % - reset to base bet after xx profit - stop on lose xx ( i didnt put on) https://imgur.com/a/7O7O6OE its just keep increase the bet ... Another think that i saw, after i change the bet condition with profit condition the number of bet condition its reset to 0, maybe its normal after u change something on profit condition ?!?
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