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  1. Hi guys, I want to ask you if you know this guys - https://freefootballtips.co/ I find them yesterday when serch in internet for Free tips. If somebody knows them can you said if they have good results. I know that in betting you need long run not a singel day results. I will be glad to answered if you know somethink. Thanks
  2. I mean that I looking some with good results in long turn, because i lost money by folowing some tipster in internet. For that I want to find some which gives reliable tips for sport.
  3. Thanks a lot. Do you have some archive of your tips?Thanks
  4. @Darko I want to ask you what is your win rate? ROI? averege odd? For lon time. I am interesting because i scope for good tipster. Thanks
  5. @Dusan what is your win rate? ROI? averege odd? for long period. Do you have archive with more bets? Thanks
  6. @sheenazbay I know that control is more important but I need so me tipster with good win rate and ROI of cource. Do you folow some tipster?
  7. @DusanI want to ask you if you will continue to post another bets? I have problem to find good tipster from 3 months. I go to many sites with tips but didn"t find reliable tipping service. Thanks
  8. Yep this is so important think. I start to play matches before 1 yer and i didn"t earn money. After that I start to folow tipsters which gives matches. Again no profit! All tipster which I find in internet have archive with more than 85% win rate and when I start to folow them many lost come. Can somebody help with good tipster site where result are true. Thanks
  9. Yep I have in mind tipsters in sport betting. I ask because i lost so much money folow tips of tipsters last three month. How to find tipster which are with real good achievement for long period? I paied so much money to that tipsters which history of bets with over 80% wins and when I started to folow them lost are a bunc than a wins:(
  10. I am new for stake.com and want to ask comunity if there have sucefuly tipsters? I have in mind people which lives from yours bets.
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