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  1. Probably would've been nearly a decent promotion if they capped 1 Win per user? Rich get richer... I've had an alright run on stake but some of the shit people are wagering lately is ridiculous? lol
  2. Ok, so there's real people that actually see exactly what i see - Especially LIMBO, that shit... The actual fuck is that... So to cut the crap because this provably fair has been ruining me and many others for many of years... Betsize and seemingly bet delay/timing fully affects the outcome to somewhat of an extent. They claim: serverseed,clientseed,nonce calculation allows no manipulation. This is true. Except player is only aware of the hashed server seed which i have little knowledge about but apparently NO PARTS of a seed's character can change whatsoever without the matching hash not matching? IF this is definitely the case; It's somehow done at the last of the process maybe? I don't understand why after its hashed together serverSeed,clientSeed,nonce the system cant simply choose the first numbers without all the need for the last bit.. Cant it be as simple as below?
  3. Indeed interesting.. This is using a dicebot script or in browser script that you manually modify along the way? Care to Share eitherway?
  4. Happy birthday Edward! Roadtrip to Melbz and your shout??
  5. Ha holy shit your the only other person i've seen that''s also found this... I still think there's more research to be held.
  6. Yep, Onto it.. 95% truth anyway.. And the no reaction in chat, funny that ..
  7. My guess would be your more leaning towards asking do slots payout more at certain timeframes? e.g ore likely for a payout during peak site traffic times??
  8. We are all our own god, It's us that ultimately has full control of what we receive in life? Believing in someone else other than yourself is somewhat..
  9. Gambling being the biggest use from crypto.. Would i be far from the truth in saying stake has a somewhat of control in coin price fluctuations? Seems The casino is almighty tight on giving wins (More deposits more demand at exchanges) to everyone when prices tend to rise... And funny enough people start hitting big wins sitewide plus the monthly being dropped prices are back in the red. A Theory - at that. but ::)
  10. Convenient - Same user that's managed these fantastic streaks of luck on many sites. https://bustadice.com/player/ghostnipple ..
  11. You really wanna see something, Try this in dicebot and see what ends up happening to your luck percentage.. Whatever gets triggered you usually wont ever get back in profit no matter what until a bust. Shouldn't happen if provably fair is calculated how it says. const floatPoint = 1e8 / (float * 1e8) * houseEdge;? isn't a float point usually a changing variable such as relative balance's/edge ? chance = 60 basebet = balance*0.005 counter = 25 multi = 1.225 randhilo = false nextbet = basebet betcount = 0 target = balance*1.0001 function dobet() betcount+=1 if betcount>=counter then if balance>target then target = balance*1.0001 nextbet = basebet betcount = 0 else nextbet = previousbet*multi betcount = 0 --resetseed() --sleep(4000) end end print("-") print("target: " ..math.round((target)*100000000)/100000000) print("remaining: " ..math.round((target-balance)*100000000)/100000000) if randhilo then randomhilo() end function randomhilo() hl = math.random(10) if hl>5 then bethigh=true else bethigh=false end end end
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