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  1. SLOTS: 20,275,535,974 placed by Continuous on 14/04/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 210.9x Profit 0.02099000
  2. A romantic soup dinner between Neils and Moss. A touch of basketball with O'Neal which was as close as I could get to Neils and a PSG jersey to represent Moss esoccer overs. The soup is a typical Portuguese soup called 'Caldo Verde'. https://streamable.com/h3863e Good luck everyone
  3. Continuous


    Hello aforcewan and welcome to the community! Thank you for the wishes as well, best of luck yourself.
  4. Hello and welcome MaryJane. Wager until bronze and you'll get a weekly and monthly bonuses (these are also based on your wagering), it's deffo worth it.
  5. Good luck on the competition, I'm working towards it myself.
  6. Hello Paidi and welcome to Stake's community, hope you enjoy your time around here.
  7. Continuous


    Used to play quite a lot of Overwatch, got to Diamond but eventually after a year or so got tired of it Right now exclusively playing a few games of CS:GO here and there and FIFA 2020.
  8. Few years ago as a freelancer.
  9. Milan is a good dude! Welcome.
  10. cdot always welcoming new users, what a good dude.