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  1. Hmm quite a few I'd say. Maja and Marija - VIP hosts Rade - He's the only one who used to tail my bets for forum challenge Darko and Dusan - Best sportsbook support ever. 👀 Regarding mods I love WivBoat, cdot, Shinjo
  2. First of all, gambling shouldn’t be considered as a way to "get rich". I mean I'm not saying nobody had such luck that made him way richer than he used to be, so it's possible but in the long run you are set to lose in gambling. Also stats show that 99% of sports bettors aren’t winning in the long run. So it’s very unlikely that you and I can do it in the long term. Maybe in the short term we can bag a few bucks betting on sports. But the best thing you should be considering is not to think of sports betting or casino activities as a way to get rich. Good luck.
  3. There are a few ways, like you can check manually of course. Then you can use Live FPL and see the live league. Premier Fantasy Tools can also help.
  4. Raikage was 5th for Gameweek 38 with 77. Your 61 is nowhere near that unfortunately.
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