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  1. If you use a web wallet (without private key and stuff) and don't use 2FA, then yes, you might get hacked. If you have 2FA enabled, you might lose funds if the wallet service scams you. If you use a local wallet with seed/key, you're safe as long as you don't share your seed/key. So keep your seeds in a safe place. Don't share them. For example, many dApps require you to enter the private key. Never hold large amounts in that account. Store in a cold wallet which you won't ever use in such dApps and send money to external wallets from there.
  2. HILO: 19,962,337,673 placed by Mashfiqun2018 on 08/04/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 3.35653x Profit 0.00023565
  3. Yeah it’s legit. You can have alt accounts but can not come to chat with it. So only one account can be used in the chat. I've seen people adding "bank" after the username and opening accounts. You can do that too if you think main account vaulting isn't working for you. I'd suggest creating a "cold wallet" to withdraw your winning. You won't touch the money there. It works for me lol.
  4. My lucky coin used to be DOGE. I played a lot with DOGE before. But then switched completely to ETH for Ethereum dApps. And ETH was quite lucky for me as well. BTC is another one with less luck.
  5. I think this is partially correct and partially wrong. It's true that the chat guys are mostly VIPs, but they welcome non VIPs quite humbly. I've seen no VIP to be mean to a non VIP unless they start begging in the chat. If you break rules, you really earn bad behaviour from others. Any non VIP reading this, if you haven't come to chat, you are welcome to come. Just be friendly and respect each other, you will earn respect as well. I was a no rank VIP for over a year and became VIP since a few months and the chat guys are really humble to me. If you can't stand someone, ignore them please. It's there for a reason. Also, OP, I don't see you in chat much. You should chat often. I hope your outlook will get changed.
  6. Stake always try their best to donate money to many charities, and they also had a plan to donate to WHO. But the race plan is kinda cringe lol. No one would like to race like that as the prizes will get donated. But Stake can come up with a community fundraiser. Any Staker who'd like to donate will donate to it and it will be given to the needy or to WHO.
  7. I see guys, there are not much of good sayings in this thread. So we should bet on it consciously (if we do ever). But it's good that some leagues wanna come up with closed-door matches in about two months. FIFA also said to increase the season length. Let's see if we could bring back the real life matches.
  8. This is a perception I think. For me, I DO NOT change sides when hunting for a multiplier higher than 6x until it actually hits. And if it hits, I change sides as I tend to think that it will go the other side. From experience I saw that you generally hit the other end when you're hunting and if you switch at that point, it would hit on the end you're playing since the start. And seed also matter. I mostly wager at 1.01x and when I get a long loss streak in this, I change the seed and try again. Switching games is not common for me as I play less time with the aim to maximize profit. So my sessions are not quite long. I mostly rely on luck while gambling as I think these perceptions are just gonna eat up my mind and stereotype myself.
  9. Good for you man. As I said, 99% of my portfolio is in ETH as I like the technology and play Ethereum based games. So ETH going up means a lot to me. Ah, okay. Maybe there would be a plunge as I heard some traders already started selling since the $165 level. I don't mind because most of my ETH buys were from the 132-137 USD level. I would not deny the influence of bitcoin here. But good news and adoption CAN increase the value of a particular coin, even bitcoin. ETH was trading around 0.02 level and it's now at 0.022 level. Some months ago it was at 0.028 almost. The coins can rise up without bitcoins movement. But most of the times it comes down too. Then we can tell that it was a pump-dump activity. As long as ETH stays strong, I think it will be a good season for ETH holders. 🤞
  10. Well I think it is an additional bonus. I've only recieved weekly as bronze and platinum. So I can't really comment about silver and gold. But I'm Platinum 2 now and I see that the bonus still varies.
  11. I see the signs lol. I hope too. Fake pump huh? Well, it's working for me. Already crossed $170 and still going on. I think this was a good pump with good reasons. Let's see. I agree that BTC movement affects crypto because of the BTC pairs in many exchanges. But the coins sometimes move on their own based on good and bad news. The ETH 2.0 buzz has really taken Ethereum up now. I hope to see a surge like last few months. It will be good for me also. 😄
  12. Isn't that the same thing? A higher minimum bonus means higher bonus in case of same wager, even if the wager is zero. I think I pointed it out here.
  13. Ethereum had a good spike today of almost 13.5% and went to cross $160. Currently it's trading at 162.67 USD. The future major upgrade for Ethereum known as Ethereum 2.0 has been in talks for some days as founder Vitalik Buterin is hyping ETH 2.0 quite a bit. ETH will finally be a deflationary currency. These are great news for ETH and has affected the price. I hope to see more surge in the future and expect it to cross $200 in about a month. P.S: This is not investment advice. But I hold ETH mainly rather than BTC.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. It's already trading at $7100+ as of writing this. I hope it will reach 7500 within a week and around 8000 within the month. Also I wish global economy will stabilize soon and everything will become alright again. Cheers!