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  1. Was hoping to find out what the minimum is to transfer from here to stake. Everytime I try it doesn't let me. 1000 sats should be enough to send from here to there. I mean one bet and I can become a millionaire there but can't cus transfer minimum set to idk what
  2. Maybe stake should accept expired coupons , maybe only giving half of it. But agreed I always check my email so I'm usually up to date it that even can have it notify you if stake sends a email. But should have more coupons sent out. Every 2-3 weeks or month about 2 coupons. Would be nice considering how we pretty much made stake rich depositing
  3. They should bring it back, I mean we deposit and they make tons of money off of it. Least they can do is give us faucet. A decent amount too. One gets tired of depositing having to go to the btc atm etc etc. And rain, only give to those that chat and bet. So neededing to get rain you would have to depo. Agreed doge isn't worth much. So might as well give like 2 doge or so. Give us something good to play so it makes us want to deposit feel me?
  4. dopejesse

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  5. Honestly I just look at the bets made by people, and which ever game I don't see people betting on really. I'll play that game . Due to the fact that maybe less people playing give me a better chance to hit something big on the particular game. Well if my refs play then I play. So it's up to my refs to make me money. C'mon refs
  6. Honestly I tried , only went for like 1-2 weeks and got bored one day , actually was rewally to see if I had got tipped or balances might of had balance. So I checked did have something to play with especially be from refs . Cashout on it. Started to play haven't stopped since then lol
  7. When does the SATs for post take into effect, for posting on forum. Where does it get counted too? Says I have 3k in stake , but that's been gone since Dre dropped "ain't no fun" How does it get calculated... Ok so to my understanding is it only in certain topics? I just now got some for posting here.. but not in other topics
  8. So I was playing golf a few years back, back when I was 16 . So I was there playing golf, was kicking ass too. I mean I was hot that game, no one could stop me. I felt like tiger woods back in 09'. I had my Nike hat, gloves , full on vest , shoes. I was unstoppable, until I found a wallet. Guessing it was the guy be in front of me playing. I saw a that he had a ripp on the back of his pocket. So I grabbd to the wallet. Stopped my great game, I should of been on the next cover of EA PGA golf for the game I was playing. Anyways he ended up coming up to me ask me " hey man you find a wallet back there , I just called cashed my check and I think I dropped my wallet with my cash in it." And I said no. I didn't . I felt bad was gonna give it to him. But I was 16 , I could do so much with 500$ so I bought few things . ( Coke, strippers, and more Coke. ) The end
  9. Hello, fun community here and very awesome chat. Enjoy have fun safe betting.
  10. Ever hit a big win? And then lost it. I did. On plinko I've hit 1000x 2 times so far. But gambled it all after. Won 150$. Dice I hit 9990x 3 be times so far. Few were oh so bet and one was a huge bet. Have them on my account just don't feel like going through each one to find it. Other wise I post bet id. Roulette gave me some good runs. My numbers are 7, 9, 12, 18, 15, 19, 14 always come out for me. What are yours? Hi low, has it's ups and downs ( get it) laugh out loud. Hit a few wins here too. Don't really play chart bet, poker, wheel, or barracks . Never thought payout was worth it . Also keno
  11. I want to seek a loan, but for some reason it doesn't let me post. Why? Some people don't require post count. Really not fair too need 100 to reply to a topic that doesn't require post count or high of a post count. And rain should give to those in chat , even if they aren't betting
  12. Plinko:227,891,377 Plinko:227,891,324 Plinko:227,891,274 Plinko:227,891,221 Plinko:227,891,168 Plinko:227,891,145 Added screenshot!
  13. Recently I wasn't able to deposit due to my region location. But now decided to not only take away deposit from me now I can't play, chat etc. Not fair. So my question now since I can't play there. Or I will get banned. Can I join anything here as in the form games? Etc . Or will I be banned as well.
  14. Having trouble transfer from here to stake. I have enough to send it there. Is it 1k or 10k ? Should have it on the transfer tab the min. To send