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  1. this challenge is hard when you bust your balance. temptation to withdraw your RB is on haha
  2. This will be my best soup for this event. I consider this my best at this time with COVID19 Virus Its all organic and healthy good for boosting immune system 😊
  3. i want that crypto specially btc and eth to get high price value so i can grind fast using those coins. when coins have lower value its hard to wager for vip level . i hope it will back to $9k price for btc.
  4. i actually use this strategy for like 10-15mins per day only then play other games like limbo or keno. this strategy help me increase my balance from 0.002 sats to 0.0067 for 2days i play safe. so i think its a good profit I am looking forward to see someone's strategy too and try if in near future Good luck and have profit guys stay humble
  5. lol 5k sats win only ? you pay for transaction fee when you deposit and when you withdraw. i think its good if you withdraw when at least have 30%-50% profit
  6. Hello guys, after how many try bets on dice i finally found one best strategy. PS: it works for me but im not saying it will work for you as well but try this with low bet, DICE game put 10x , 90.10 roll over Base bet: if you use satoshi put at least 500sats or ETH 0.00001eth minimum balance 1M eth put Reset on Win increase -4.56 and Reset on loss increase by 10 disable animation, enable Instant bet Change your seed every 400 rolls. comment below if you have better strategy or setup for dice so other can try it. hoping new strategy will post. Thank you happy stake to all
  7. is this free bot or need to buy? i cant see the download button on the page.xD
  8. i use coinbase not to earn some coins . i just put my other bitcoins there. but coinsbase it not my main wallet using now.
  9. yeah swixx lets do that. i will be posting mine here too .. Stake ID: jyrus Goodluck to us . haha
  10. Welcome to Stake Forum. . for me there's no easy profit. i suggest you play both sports and casino. casino i usually play dice and keno to hunt high multiplier and bet sports if there is available for my most familiar sports or game. its up to you as the end of the day. dont get rip make your own profit goal for the day if you have profit at least half of your available balance stop and play again another day. because luck doesn't last forever
  11. This will be my 2nd reply for this . I love the free money gift by stake. 10mins make me always active and give me headache but still easy money. I love stake . ❤️
  12. Hello there i really feel you there. when i first join stake and won triple my first deposit and withdraw it. then i deposit again 1/4 of my winnings and bust then i deposit again and again not knowing im being addicted on gambling without understanding more about it. so after how many months asking and reading articles here in forum i understand now how i can manage my balance and put some limit to my daily win/lose. just like ThePug said luck doesn't last forever