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  1. Thank you for letting me know. this is so sad to hear. It seems i missed a great earning opportunity. 😥😥 Do you know any other pay per post sites that can be used for earning btc?
  2. I am yet to start on the gambling site to be honest. I am waiting to start earning from this forum first and then i can transfer it over to the gambling site in order to hopefully increase the earnings. The question that worries me is how long will it be before i start to earn on this forum and is this going to be a long time? I really do want to be able to earn a good amount of crypto online and to be honest if i earn anything around 5 dollars a day i'll be happy.
  3. I like to bet on cricket and soccer. I don't really follow any other sports that much because i don't have the time to keep up to date with all of them... student life as i am sure that many of you can relate to. So i stick to these two and just follow them and make my bets. Also i found that it is quite easy to predict winners here in these cases, however i have also lost big with some unexpected turns in some games that i never saw coming.
  4. Thank you for warning all in the forum. To be honest this is the reason that i try to stay away from telegram as far as possible, because i have noticed that there is a bunch of scammers on the telegram app and this makes it very unsafe. It will be good if telegram had a way to weeding out these people.
  5. wow some of these people in here seem to have made a great profit with this strategy whilst it seems that others have unfortunately not had such success. This is a gambling strategy and it won't work all the time so gamble carefully and stick to a threshold. Try not to be greedy when you are gambling. I wish you all the best in your strategies.
  6. At first i used to like dice a lot because to be honest i was naive and fell into the category that made me think that the tricks that they show online to always win actually do work, and as a result i ended up losing a lot on dice and have never actually made up for it. AS a result i have lost a lot of money due to dice. so to answer your question, i enjoy dice because it is fun, but i am not a fan of it because of how fast i lost money on it haha. I guess it has a good side and a bad side.
  7. I have watched a lot of anime. My favorite by far has to be dragonball, as you can see by the screen name that i have here. But i do watch a lot of anime. I feel that sometimes anime can be better than real life series because it has a way of expressing emotions in a unique way as well.
  8. I foudn this forum through a google search., Basically i was looking for forums that i can pot on in order to earn bitcoin and there was a blog article that was written on this forum and that you can earn up to 5000 satoshi for a single post depending on its content and from that i was very interested so i decided to sign up. But then i was away from my computer for a while due to a technical issue in my network and now i am back and hoping to start posting and maybe earning soon as well. So hoping for the best now.
  9. I think that there is a lot of truth to this notion that most of the crypto will become worthless after a while. If you look at how many different crypto there is out there and how many of these crypto is being introduced on a daily basis it is impossible for there to be a good market for all of them and i think that as a human tendency we will tend to flock towards the well establish crypto coins, and these would be bitcoin and so on therefore moving away from smaller coins. AS a result i think that most coins will become dead coins, and it could be as much as 99% of the current coins.
  10. I think that bitcoin and other crypto can definitely help with the economic problems that many people, towns and countries are facing. Especially now with the economic struggle due to the pandemic. I think this is so because the people that are making bitcoin can do so online and with a variety of skills so that everyone will be able to offer something and earn something as opposed to not making anything without a job. In this way they are helping themselves, even if it is just a faucet collection. It can help if adopted in the right way, however as you see there are many speculations and rese
  11. I think that whether or not that was a good or bad decision will be dependent on your financial position and whether you are well of or struggling. If you are well off and able to provide for your family and sold your house as a way to invest then i think it is okay if you guys still have a good place to live. Granted that you made a lot less in terms of number of bitcoins than when you bought it but this is still a very good amount to have and a good investment. However the crypto market is volatile and you could also make large losses, so if you are able to still sustain your life after this
  12. Hi to all of the Stake members! I am new here so this is my first topic creation. Hope that you guys like it. I am sure that during all of our time searching for sites that we can earn crypto on or sites that we can earn good interest rates, that we all have come across at least one site that advertises bitcoin doubling or exorbitant interest rates in a couple days or a week. So let me just tell you guys a bit more about these sites. Now most of the time these sites are complete scams, but just because they are scams does not mean that you cannot make any
  13. I think that the bitcoin price heading up to the value that you are hoping for may not happen in the near future. If you consider the fact that there is a huge economic recession that is happening globally due to the corona virus pandemic you will see that the economies are really struggling. As a result the demand for bitcoin may not be as high as it was predicted to be before the hit of this pandemic and therefore i think that bitcoin will most likely remain stable for a while at 9k and start increasing as economies recover and demands increase.
  14. There could be a variety of reasons why you have not received your payments yet. The two main ones that i can think off, that i have been guilty off in the past are the fact that you could ave possibly inputted the wrong withdrawal address. If this is the case then i am very sorry to say that the funds will then be lost as there is no way to reverse a transaction for such an error. The next is that your transaction may still be pending. These transactions can take a few days before they reflect n your wallet so just be patient and give it some time.
  15. thanx for this information on the IPl. I am really looking forward to watching the IPL and think that the cricket games will be very good and very enjoyable.
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