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  1. Getafe is in better shape and favorite according to the bookies, I wouldnt touch 1-X-2 though as this should be a big fight. Personally, if I had to place a bet, I think I would go with 2 or 3 goals total.
  2. Man, losing when gambling is actually natural lol so its not the site´s fault - go with skill based stuff if you want to at least have a little chance being profitable in the long run - for example poker or sports betting.
  3. eleos

    Sport live streams!

    I used that site years ago and they are indeed listing lots of livestreams that can be used for free - just keep in mind that using them can still be illegal in your juridisction. I stopped taking advantage of such free live streams though when most of the bigger bookies start to offer live streams directly on their sites.
  4. Hey everybody, lets get this going - I couldnt post due to newbie restrictions and then I had a busy week with birthday etc. How did you do lately and any good tips for today? Arsenal vs Everton starting in 30 minutes and I took both to score & over 2.5 goals. What you think?
  5. I dont know if it is the "best" - I mean, the best is subjective isnt it and hard to generalize. Whats for sure though is that Stake is a very well known and highly trusted crypto gambling site with a wide range of options.
  6. To be honest I dont know any well known, legit and trusted place that provides btc purchases via paypal, just the other way round.
  7. I am using bitstamp and I couldnt be happier and support been very responsive and helpful, too, when I once needed them regarding a credit card purchase.
  8. Looks like you won that one. Dortmund vs PSG surprisingly had some goals and went over 2.5 with Dortmund winning. Tonight we have Atalanta vs Valencia and Tottenham vs Leipzig. Lets see if we can find some value.
  9. When did you do that? Before my posts or afterwards? Okay man, challenge accepted!
  10. Well, with the sportsbook they introduced something "big" that required lots of work, only normal that they now keep it a little quiet but I really dont think they are boring.
  11. Still half an hour to go in both games, lets see - what I can already tell is I need a miracle for overs to go through.
  12. Bitstamp also allows for credit card purchases and I cant complain, has always worked perfectly so far. Before that I was using coinbase but I had to stop due to Brexit and some problems on their end.
  13. eleos

    Aaron's sportbet tip #1

    The internet is full of dead "betting diaries" but stopping after the very first post, well, this is special! 😅
  14. Even though I am quite late to the party, the introduction of stake´s sportsbook recently made me sign up and I really think we should have a forum thread, where we can discuss our betting tips/predictions for upcoming events/matches or even live. I love to discuss sports betting and I would of course love to see what bets you guys are taking. The ultimate goal is of course to discuss our picksand benefit together in the long run. We have Champions League tonight and the games are just before half-time with Liverpool 1-0 behind away vs Atletico and Dortmund vs PSG at 0-0. To be honest I expected Dortmund vs PSG to have more than 2.5 goals and I would also be surprised to see Liverpool losing, even though that narrow away lose wouldnt mean they are out.