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  1. 🔊Country roads, take me home🔊 📢To the place I belongggggg📢 🎼West Virginia, mountain mamma🎼 🎶Take me home, country roadssss🎶 🥰😉TakezoKensei 😘☺
  2. I Am Takezo Kensei, and I approve this message 👍💯🙏
  3. I created a new one...post it there
  4. To celebrate Takezo's Platinum II Tier promotion, let's play a game. First to guess the correct date TakezoKensei becomes Platinum III wins .02 BTC! If you know Takezo's betting style, this could happen in a few weeks or a few months if he goes bust a few times! 😅 Requirements: Be a Sports Bettor primarily on Stake. Must have 100 or more sports wagers by conclusion of this challenge. 1 valid entry per household. If same user posts twice, or edits a post...auto disqualification. Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players) Minimum prize pool: 0.005 BTC If over 10 participants: 0.005 If over 20 participants: 0.01 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.02 BTC How to Enter: Respond to this topic by posting an exact Date - Month, Day, and Year when you believe TakezoKensei will make Platinum III. Followed by your Stake Username. For Example; 3-25-2020, TakezoKensei How To Win: Simple, be the closet to guess the date TakezoKensei will become Platinum III without going over. If there is a tie; which ever user guessed the correct date, or closet for that matter, based on the order posted in Stake Forum, wins outright. Info to help your predictions: (As of the time of this post, Takezo's Plat III progress is 0% exactly. No bets will be made until at least 3 hours after this post.) Takezo's 1st Deposit - 11/28/2019 Takezo Bronze Promotion - 11/29/2019 - $10,000 Wagered Takezo Silver Promotion - 12/25/2019 - $50,000 Wagered Takezo Gold Promotion - 1/28/2020 - $100,000 Wagered Takezo Platinum I Promotion - 2/27/2020 - $250,000 Wagered Takezo Platinum II Promotion - 3/22/2020 - $500,000 Wagered Takezo Platinum III Promotion - ??/??/???? - $1,000,000 Wagered Good Luck!! 🙏✊🏽🔥