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  1. Chess Tournament Finals Results: @petikemas vs @Sakmaestro - Petikemas Congratulations to @petikemas for winning the 1st TakezoKensei Invitational! Thank you to all participants, and I look forward to a much bigger and better tournament in the future. As notated in the thread, due to fewer than desired eligible participants, prize pool was lowered to $300, which will be distributed as follows: 1st Place Prize: $240 - @petikemas 2nd Place Prize: $60 - @Sakmaestro Please allow 48 hours for all prizes to sent to your stake accounts.
  2. Honestly, not gonna lie...I wanted to make finals bo5... but I didn't want to switch rules up last minute. Guess we'll keep it the same and change it for next time
  3. Pick a time amongst yourselves, I'll be available to watch in a few hours.
  4. Chess Tournament Semifinals Results: @petikemas vs @hoodzfavorite - Petikemas @Sakmaestro vs @DariusBrasov - Sakmaestro Finals: @petikemas vs @Sakmaestro
  5. Chess Tournament Round 1 Results: @hoodzfavorite vs @Takezo Kensei - Hoodzfavorite @Sakmaestro vs @Pandarian - Sakmaestro @DariusBrasov vs @Bamopa - DariusBrasov Semifinals: @petikemas vs @hoodzfavorite @Sakmaestro vs @DariusBrasov 24 hours to play...annnddd.......go...
  6. Round 1 @hoodzfavorite vs @Takezo Kensei First Game: https://lichess.org/phlxRd1l Second Game: https://lichess.org/TEQ9wXc1 Final Game: https://lichess.org/1IXdXXLp Winner: @hoodzfavorite
  7. @oli001r My rules were made for a reason man. I'm sorry but everyone has to follow them. If this were a unpaid tournament, I wouldn't care. But if I'm giving a prize away, the least you can do is respect my rules. I gave you a month to play 30 matches...I just don't see why you'd do this. There will be more Tournaments. Join the next. @PandarianGo for it 😉 @Tarrterr I see, thank you for clarifying this. I was a bit confused cause I've played you b4. This is what I saw. Next Tournament, just have another Lichess account in good standing aight? @
  8. Chess Tournament Round 1: @hoodzfavorite vs. @Takezo Kensei @Sakmaestro vs. @Pandarian @DariusBrasov vs. @Bamopa Bye: @petikemas Structure Reminder: 1. Best of 3 Rated Matches 2. Rapid 10/5 3. Make it easy and send a follow to your opponent on Lichess. Click on their name, view their profile, and select "Challenge to a game". Contact your opponent here or in Stake chat to work out a time to play starting tomorrow the 24 Nov, 8pm GMT. 4. The winner is responsible for posting the links to ALL the matches played in your round. For example;
  9. Yes. Thats what its looking like. I'm gonna post match ups now using the random bracket creator. One sec
  10. Aight. I'll post match ups in the next hour or so. Thx bruh
  11. I mean sure, I really want this to happen. But due to lack of participation, I'd change the prize structure. Kinda annoyed after seeing this ...Try to be nice and host something and people take advantage. I'm basically paying to be entertained...I get nothing from this at the moment lol... what do you suggest @Sakmaestro
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