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  1. Ask Live Support for Stakes Official VIP Telegram link. They have never once missed posting a weekly bonus, so both of you need to stop the cap.
  2. I'd like to know how many wins and losses in row when set at 2x
  3. @NadirkaSo does this confirm the dice is rigged? Cause if it's set at 50% win chance and highest win streak is only 11 compared to highest losing streak at 31, doesn't that say a lot?
  4. This idea has been addressed before, Stake says its not happening because they don't want a bunch of people asking them to unlock their money, and they don't want to be accused of withholding your funds. However, the real reason is, why would Stake provide a feature that help's us manage our bankroll? They make most of their money when users go full degen. The vault is useless feature for 95% of gamblers. That's just the facts.
  5. USDT has already been confirmed that it's coming to Stake...so no need to ask for it...I would like to see Cardano (ADA). It's a nice coin for the environmentally friendly community.
  6. He's not talking about giving rain. He specifically said "receiving" it. Now, I personally agree to stop the dust rains...but then admins wouldn't be able to rain 8 cents to 25 people...so that's not gonna happen.
  7. It's already been proven people will spam even if they aren't rain eligible. Once chat starts moving fast, people use that as an opportunity to say and do things they usually wouldn't. So it's pointless to raise the rain limits.
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