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  1. Yes i think thats big victory. By the way my big victory was when k got the free 0.0006$ from youtuber and in half hour i made it 0.06btc so far thats my biggest victory for now
  2. Im not addicted nor player or a gamer.im just here only becouse of the bounty and the rewards that us actually we are getting here for our contribution.i also wanted the gift or any promo came from other youtuber like aisa mercado and kobeteck.i get both of thier promo gift. By the way i will give a little advice to all of you please just bet only what you can afford to lose.again this is just advice
  3. For me bitcoin is an investment and at the same it is an extra income. It is also a fiat money in a digital world.this is one of the best man made discovered as we noticed technology are realky making the world first priority.and making the crypto currency is one great achievements
  4. My personal wallet before is coinsph becouse in this wallet its easy to cash in and cash out but after several months i found out that the fee are so big than other wallet and the management of coinsph disabled my account and even i already done the requirements required they did not still back my wallet.so i decided yo switch to coinbase in coinbase even you will store big amount of crypto still safe and for using it more than 3years i did not get any problem so i was recommend you to use coibase than any kind of wallet..but i also like binance
  5. Now youtube are restoring videos that are related to crypto currency.becouse of massive negative messages came from youtube viewers and costumers.whike facebook is always making a way to banned any crypto links becouse they are planning to make thier crypto currency named libra whish is for is only a dream project and it wl also one of the project that is really failed.
  6. For me its better to have multiple currency than sticking yo one specific crypto currency.thebpossibility of decreasing price is happening and if you only have one crypto you will having no second or third choice if you did not invest or ourchased multiple crypto.
  7. One of the most popular peer exchange sites in the bitcoin ecosystem is currently LocalBitcoins. But this platform, based in Finland, has been the epicenter of multiple controversies. LocalBitcoins has made quite questioned decisions in recent months, such as the withdrawal of the option of personal exchanges for cash, without prior notice; or the constant increase in the requirements of personal information to its users in order to satisfy the regulatory requirements in the Finnish jurisdiction. Particularly, the controversy became stronger weeks ago, when the platform froze the acc
  8. Every time i hit the minimum withdraw in already withdraw my funds.thats the best thing i will do specially i dont have a bug amount if capital.byt if you are really a gambler set a goal for youreself.
  9. As we are looking the price of bitcoin,before ending this month(february)bitcoin price really dump after having 10,000$+,it goes down until 8600$ and lower,as we are now starting the month of march,do you think it will boomb the price ok bitcoin until 13,000this month(march). Me;yes,why? Becouse this is the year when the bitcoin price really increase. You??what do you think.?
  10. I don't really think that this new coin can survive the fastest growing of lits of crypto currency today.the name itself is not popular.its very hard also to proved that it will be more interesting in the upcomming years.but still if you already buy goodluck bro and hope you will gain profit thier
  11. When i was a newbie in crypto currency in the country of philippines i already try the coinsph wallet and i overwelmed with the features and the security if it,even the know youre costumer verification is so very tight and looks so very nice.,but in months of using it i noticed that there is something wrong about it,the fee is so high,and there are a lots of account that are actually disable,becouse of only storing big amount of money.and the only thing you will got this is to go to their office thats why i changed my wallet and i found out the COINBASE WALLET this wallet is really nic
  12. Yes it is worth it but it will not hit at 70,000$aybenin the near future 5or 10years from now but as of the moment is too,imposible.if you have a lot of money and you can make a deposit at that big why?not trying it will be a big profit though.
  13. Winwin12

    Bitcoin fees

    Becouse as we are looking the price of bitcoin is high so the transaction fee is high also,while the dogecoin is very very low and the transaction is very low also. So here it is what if 1dogecoin is equavalent to 1btc so it means dogecoin fee is more expensive than bitcoin? Have you seen my point buddy.
  14. It's been a month since you made this post and i think again as this is another good time to buy bitcoin becouse the price is again below 9,000$ so buy now becouse soon the price will rise again to 10,000$ before end of the month of march,basically bitcoin price are always going up and down.thats the normal flow of bitcoin and now is the right timing again to buy.most specially if you have a tons of money to buy.sk goodluck yo every one,hope we will gain bih profit every one
  15. If you are talking about things i dont think what was that. But if you are talking about crypto both of them are like bitcoin and etherium. Bitcoin is gold and diamond is etherium Parfon but,I don't really know what is the meaning of erodes?
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