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    Winwin12 got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in About localbutcoin exchanger.   
    One of the most popular peer exchange sites in the bitcoin ecosystem is currently LocalBitcoins. But this platform, based in Finland, has been the epicenter of multiple controversies.
    LocalBitcoins has made quite questioned decisions in recent months, such as the withdrawal of the option of personal exchanges for cash, without prior notice; or the constant increase in the requirements of personal information to its users in order to satisfy the regulatory requirements in the Finnish jurisdiction.
    Particularly, the controversy became stronger weeks ago, when the platform froze the accounts of its customers without prior warning and providing little or no response. The event covered more than a dozen countries, including two Latinos: Panama and Puerto Rico.
    LocalBitcoins is one of the most popular sites for the exchange of bitcoin between peers, although it is not the only option to perform this type of operations. The activity on the site has recently declined and its exchange volumes have been reduced considerably.
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from Kariuki in Bitcoin to be humbled by Ripple   
    Yes but still bitcoin is the most favorite crypto of every investor or trader.crypto currency is defendent on bitcoin,but you are correct in the way that other coins are really stepping and making thier own way to be better and almost most of them are really having lowest fee.i like also what the steps made by ripple that is tying up with moneygram this is one great move for the ripple.ihope it will be the next steps to make the price increase.
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from sugam in 5 Days Reload   
    I got only three days claim and the given time that i would able to claim was im on a work but i still happy with the satoshi i got from the five day reload i hope they will make it 10days.
  4. Payday
    Winwin12 got a reaction from dondie21 in Legal Age for this Game   
    There is terms and conditions and also you have to actually agree with it.ibthink those who are really playing are those who has a money and minors sometimes has a luck of money and those minors are not making addicted on this gambling sites.
  5. Love
    Winwin12 got a reaction from dondie21 in Play Manually   
    Yes im.olaying manually on dice and i am able to earn Or gain profits of 0.2 btc in my previous accounts and yes it works but it so tiring sometimes that you are making almost 200ckicks before winning
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from GeorgeFeb in Your biggest win on any site?   
    Im able to win on dice game of 0.4 btc with just only 500satoshi that is my biggest and my memorable winning its really help my family a lot becouse of that winning
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    Winwin12 got a reaction from TheCoronaVirus in The newbie gambler   
    Welcome to both of us here in this community.the best way to earn or to win big is to play art and also just only risk what you afford to lose.goodluck buddy.
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