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  1. Since there are countless other threads about the same topic and pretty much everything has already been said I'm closing this thread. For those interested how the current system works there is this post:
  2. Congratulations for not getting arrested for almost a full two years!!!
  3. I'm locking this topic as everything has been said and there are countless similar topics already, too. For questions about rain please refer to the rainbotng faq that faris has linked earlier.
  4. hui


    even if you get it only once a month (which is unlikely, if you are constructive on chat - for example you got it after not even a week) it would be still worth like 100 "old" rainbot rains I kinda like the focus on quality as compared to quantity.
  5. You might want to have a look here, there is no more reason to speculate
  6. hui


    What you need to take into account is that one tip of the new RainBotNG is currently worth 5000 sat, that's roughly like getting 100 rains from the previous incarnation.. The hope is that the focus on people contributing to chat will lead to a nicer place for all of us to spend our time at.
  7. hui


    You might want to have a look at the FAQ here: also this post might shed some light on it:
  8. hui


    First let me say that I don't speak in the name of Stake but in the name of hui. If we undo this mute we will have hundreds of threads of less reputable people claiming life is not fair and that they are having a bad time and that we should reduce the mute (which is over in large part already btw). What I was trying to say with "we can only lose" is that no matter how we act we can only lose: Treat regular players the same as everyone according to the chat rules: heartless Close both eyes and let things slip with regulars that we act upon on newbies: favourism Reduce the mute: creating an example causing everyone to publicly discuss their mutes stating wrong facts and blame mods causing an atmosphere where an unfair life excuses breaking the rules Not reducing the mute: unempathic to the situation of the player Explaining how things stated as facts are wrong: searching for excuses Not explaining how things look from our side: not listening to needs and demands of players, no interest Stating all the details so everyone understands where the decision is coming from: breach of privacy, no respect for the feelings of players Not stating the details: being blamed anyway And so on. That's what I meant with "we can only lose whatever we do". I'm out of the discussion since... I can only lose. P.S.: It would have been easier if bmg would have used the regular way of dealing with mute appeals - the appeals section on forums. There are things that shouldn't be discussed in public imho.
  9. hui


    The problem is we as mods can only lose and we don't get any sympathies. If people lie about us it's not worth even a mention, if we skip mutes for regulars where others get muted for we are accused of favourism, if we don't we are heartless. As I said it wasn't my mute, but for me it was important to explain the perspective from our side. Obviously it's pointless to think that people that try their best to make Stake a nice place for all of us deserve any understanding or a slice of the empathy users that claim false things in order to look better get so easily. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you rarely see any of us commenting publicly on mutes.
  10. hui


    It looks different if you blend in the rains and look at the messages that are immediate responses to those. Anyway, let's not start to deeply analyze anyones chat too much in public, I wouldn't like this happening to myself and i think bmg doesn't deserve this either. About Hoff I was referring to the insult bmg quoted with the screenshot and claimed he did get away with it which is somewhat different than a 200 hour mute. Anyway, I was trying to explain how there might be a different perspective to it and that every coin has two sides, if you don't agree that's perfectly fine with me.
  11. hui


    So I wasn't the one who muted you and I am sorry for the problems and pain your fighting with these days but I looked into the case and can't let your post unreplied. You have a lot of sympathies on our side, and it's true that you earned a good reputation on the site. However we are regularly called out when we're not treating everyone the same so we do our best to apply the same rules to everyone. The statement about not using alts I leave uncommented, however I believe that in general you are a honest person. About the other player you cited what you state is not true, Hoff got muted for a full 200 hours a bare 5 minutes after the statement happened (and it would have been instant if a Mod would have seen it right away, of course). About your own mute your citation is only partly, in fact you rambled after each and every rain for hours and in between the rest of your chat didn't look exactly constructive either. For the sake of completeness here a screenshot: I've seen other players muted longer for less and while I am sorry it came to this I can understand the pressure mods are under to treat everyone the same and thus mute even people that they have sympathies for. I hope that my statements above show that there might be a different perspective to your story as well.