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  1. hui


    Heartly welcome Mara! Have a great start!
  2. already answered. To be a bit more verbose: You ask and either get answered or file an appeal.
  3. First thanks to @nuuuitsjdragon for pointing out that you always can report misbehaviour to a mod and we will gladly review if any rules were broken and act accordingly. Rules are the same for everyone and it very well might be a misconception that mods favour anyone because of a star. @Xantys I can assure you that just because you don't see a mod in chat doesn't mean they are not there, seeing some things in the background and actually being able to look at numbers in fact almost all the time someone is there, even if he/she is only lurking - and as mentioned before, you can always report anyone and we'll have a look
  4. My most memorable moment was my appearance in the Stake Christmas stream where i not only failed being responsive but also lost after the first or second card although I was kind of highly envolved... 😁 🍰
  5. i find the concept of pancake pizza interesting, to say the least!
  6. The statement about hand signals along with the gif in your signature made me laugh hard!
  7. Hehe sorry, I really didn't mean it personally and technically I agree that it should be auto formatted properly - as a perfectionist and with a trading background I still had to drop the note about zeros somehow - I hope you don't mind!
  8. I think it is a thing worth fixing, but I also like to think that people that deal with money are able to be aware of the importance of zeros in amounts
  9. Out of curiousity, do you also blame your bank if you do a bank transfer of 1000$ instead of 100$?
  10. you know what to do when you win big, right?
  11. Epigenetics is a relatively new (and interesting!) field that is unfortunately often misused as an explanation for unrelated things and quackery. I also suggest to be careful in general with "easy explanations" that allow you to attribute problems you are fighting with to whatever your choice might be (environment, youth, education, wealth, genetics, epigenetics, biology, co-/cross-addictions, ... you name it), as this approach often leads to people thinking "it's pre-determined, neither am I guilty nor can I do anything about it". This attitude will never help you in solving a problem at hand, whatever it would be. I second what some said already, that independent of other factors we are in charge of our own lifes and most of the times have the power do do something about the problems we're fighting with. However sometimes addictions (or causes leading to them) also have aspects of a disease and in these cases it's not always true that we can overcome them by pure will-power by our own. Therefore in my opinion it might be important to accept that there are cases where professional help is the better way to resolve some issues than trying to overcome them on your own. Taking this approach often isn't a sign of weakness but strength. So yeah, the topic isn't simple and I don't think reducing it to a single factor, be it epigenetics or whatever, helps much in solving it on a individual level.
  12. I just want to note that there is a "Report post" link where you can actually drop moderators a note and links if you see topics being replicated or people spamming. It would help us a lot to make this a better place if it would be used more by all of you!
  13. All that bots (and autobet) do is make it possible to do faster bets... Which, obviously, using the same strategy as on manual leads to faster bust So technically there is no advantage as long as the strategy and bet sizes are the same as with manual bets.
  14. The magic is in the relations, US economy could strive if it would be wanted. And imagine that pie chart without the states? Only judging by numbers (which, true doesn't really reflect the situation) - would "the west" need to be worried? Also, does it still make sense to divide the world into "east" and "west" in 2019?
  15. It's also super popular among people spending much time on the computer. I saw a (totally unrelated) talk with a huge audience were towards the end the referee asked who suffered from depression issues right now or had those in the last years and half of the room stood up. He then was like "See? You are not alone! >ll of these people you can talk with and potentially exchange experiences on treating it. It's just a popular sickness like many other things."