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  1. I stand behind the moderator team and follow closely on their mutes and behaviour in chat, so this is already being done and thus there is no need to discuss this. Closing this topic.
  2. can you please try to be a bit more specific as what seems to not be working? i know chatbot is currently broken but i verified titlebot, rulesbot, fnordbot, modbot sent messages recently.
  3. Please be a bit more specific as to what is not working if possible. TitleBot was fixed shortly after the update already and is since continouusly providing link titles. ModBot had some issues regarding PMs and took a while to fix correctly since the internal role model of the site changed but should be fine by now as far as I've been told. For chatbot the owner of the Bot (Seuntjie) was informed and will adjust it to the recent changes as soon as he can. If anything is not working as expected you can help us by providing the info as to what exactly you tried and what happened vs. what you expected to happen - Thank you!
  4. this tweet might be of relevance: "Redefining trust, value and ownership"
  5. In current internet world it is your responsibility to make sure that your password stays unknown to others.
  6. hui

    Real Life Pictures

    Congratulations for not getting arrested for almost a full two years!!!
  7. You might want to have a look here, there is no more reason to speculate
  8. hui

    Real Life Pictures

    That kid for sure is exposed to social media early! :D
  9. hui

    Real Life Pictures

    i find the concept of pancake pizza interesting, to say the least!
  10. I just want to note that there is a "Report post" link where you can actually drop moderators a note and links if you see topics being replicated or people spamming. It would help us a lot to make this a better place if it would be used more by all of you!
  11. ... exactly, or like using some serious illnesses for similar means - or joking about suicide. if anything it says something about the people feeling the need to use such synonyms, in my opinion.
  12. I don't find it cool nor trendy in any way to use sexual orientations as an offensive replacement for something bad, but maybe I'm just old-school.
  13. You gotta trust complex systems. My advice is to reduce complexity. Have a look at brainwallets for example (and have a good passphrase)
  14. I do not agree with everything nattekut said, but these are very important points that everyone owning enough values of any kind to worry about should give a thought.
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