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  1. hui

    Dead or Alive?

    It's hard to say wether the existance of these coin is "priced in" but fundamentally the market is a game between supply and demand. More supply with unchanged demand ultimately results in a lower price. So yeah, if these coin are not on the market it benefits the price and in case they never hit the market that would be beneficial for the price for sure. It's kind of absurd but every "lost" coin potentially raises the value of BTC as a whole. It's the same of all the stories in early Bitcoin days where thousands of BTC were lost due to lost wallet passwords, broken harddisks etc. Haven seen some guys in the crypto scene doing amazing stuff basically all on their own I disagree. The initial paper could very well be (and I believe it's like that) the work of a single person. There are countless example of single people doing great work for the benefits of everyone in crypto world (look at Phil Zimmermann alone as an example), let alone in the scientific community or even globally and I take great delight from that fact because it means that a single person can actually move something in this world. That being said it shouldn't be forgot that the actual implementation of BTC wasn't done by Satoshi alone but a community of "Core Developers" who also took input and suggestions from the community to create that wonderful piece of software that shaped a lot of things afterwards as something like the "gold standard".
  2. hui

    Dead or Alive?

    I couldn't have said this any better, if Satoshi's coin would be gone this only means that there are less BTC in total, making each one more valuable. Also agree on him being a person. The papers Satoshi wrote don't look like a group work at all as additional argument in this direction.
  3. It has well been pointed out that it's not beneficial to buy such an account for various reasons. What wasn't mentioned yet is that you can and should be reporting users selling/buying accounts (if possible with sufficient evidence) to mods or support. It's also a good lesson that these things are happening to understand that just because someone has a VIP tag doesn't mean he actually has a higher reputation or anything like that. So using that "tag" to determine if someone is to be trusted is obviously a bad idea and the possibility that these are just traded accounts shows one more reason why that is the case..
  4. That kid for sure is exposed to social media early! :D
  5. A good technical solution is this: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/color-enhancer-is-a-chrome-extension-for-color-blind-people https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/color-enhancer/ipkjmjaledkapilfdigkgfmpekpfnkih
  6. Thanks for the feedback, glad it's solved! \o/
  7. Maybe your access token changed - would be good if you could verify that.
  8. hui


    Heartly welcome Mara! Have a great start!
  9. already answered. To be a bit more verbose: You ask and either get answered or file an appeal.
  10. First thanks to @nuuuitsjdragon for pointing out that you always can report misbehaviour to a mod and we will gladly review if any rules were broken and act accordingly. Rules are the same for everyone and it very well might be a misconception that mods favour anyone because of a star. @Xantys I can assure you that just because you don't see a mod in chat doesn't mean they are not there, seeing some things in the background and actually being able to look at numbers in fact almost all the time someone is there, even if he/she is only lurking - and as mentioned before, you can always report anyone and we'll have a look
  11. My most memorable moment was my appearance in the Stake Christmas stream where i not only failed being responsive but also lost after the first or second card although I was kind of highly envolved... 😁 🍰
  12. i find the concept of pancake pizza interesting, to say the least!
  13. The statement about hand signals along with the gif in your signature made me laugh hard!
  14. Hehe sorry, I really didn't mean it personally and technically I agree that it should be auto formatted properly - as a perfectionist and with a trading background I still had to drop the note about zeros somehow - I hope you don't mind!
  15. I think it is a thing worth fixing, but I also like to think that people that deal with money are able to be aware of the importance of zeros in amounts