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  1. they will do it soon lets just give them some time. maybe they are finalizing with min bet as our faucets are upgraded now
  2. dont play blackjack too long , just use it for a quick flip
  3. You better hold on for a while and wait for the next news, sometimes the news only affect the bitcoin price let a lot of panic sell, while the big investors waiting for the opportunity to make a purchase and gradually the price will recover up again, rising and this bitcoin fair happens every year, be patient.
  4. sorry foor you lost. good luck to you
  5. personally i dont they will be adding it.
  6. one day 3 bets only for the rest of your life. win or lose stop
  7. i play lotto twice a week like total $20 . It is fun and i have won a few if the worst thing you do in your life is spend $10 a week on lotto, you are not doing too bad
  8. i think hilo would be best to stream or table games blackjack/roulette.
  9. arent doge too prone for long red streak? lol
  10. My strategy in gambling dice is to gain profits about 5% a day. If target has been achieved, i will continue tomorrow. Gambling about greed, so i have to set target everytime i am gambling