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  1. i play lotto twice a week like total $20 . It is fun and i have won a few if the worst thing you do in your life is spend $10 a week on lotto, you are not doing too bad
  2. almost 24/7 or 7/24 haha all the time!
  3. stake promos are already good to me. one good point to depo is the limit too.
  4. i think casino without chatbox will be boring ofc. plus i think casinos without chatbox got lesser promos
  5. most of the time stake, sometimes bet365 and bitstarz
  6. https://javout.net/ for me
  7. Please comment like this: Design (from 1 to 10 ?) Games (from 1 to 10 ?) elaborate what you like . Promotions (from 1 to 10 ? ) elaborate what you like . Live support (from 1 to 10 ? ) you can add more in details. thank you!
  8. same here so far the highest x i hit was 7/16 . 13k
  9. Malaysia ! Pride of Malaysia The Twin Towers (KLCC) Mabul Island near to the popular Sipadan Island at Sabah , Malaysia Mount Kinabalu Malacca City Gunung Mulu well ofc many many more~ anddd best thing to me is the food! check the vid out
  10. thank you guys for all the clarification and thoughts on this. appreciate it!
  11. I have been playing online casinos for few years now, (Gawd, time flies and money disappears.) What I have had people ask about the dangers of on-line casinos is "How do you know these casinos don't control your winnings and losses given they know everything about you including your IP address" vs Brick and Mortar Casinos who don't know you. ?