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  1. https://vocaroo.com/Giqhvz7HbNK Should I finish this? I'm quite shy to record my own voice so I used an ai to sing it for me instead, but It's still not tuned, have no background music and the tempo's not adjusted as well. (And also the ai is japanese, so the voice kinda have an accent) If all goes well I might finish this tomorrow, anyways, Happy Birthday stake, and More birthdays to come! Tune from the music Comethru Lyrics: I might lose my cash I might lose my crypto I might lose my job in this gambling casino But I don't really care Coz stake i
  2. Carl 1995 My favorite provider is No limit city, their sushi mania slots is the best, the animations are superb too (But of course Stake's originals still beats all of them).
  3. The thing I love on stake the most is it feature to bet any amount you want, and I had already seen some bets that had made it to jackpot even though the bet is very low, it's kind of a shame that almost all of the added slots (and almost all of the added games) have a fix amount of bet, completely killing one of stake's best features, which is the freedom of betting. I hope they can make something about this, but I think it's final since the games are provided by third party sites. Anyways, I'm still happy for stake's big update!
  4. I'm starting to see why you got muted, no offence.
  5. If I have a time machine, I'll go back to the past where it was build and prevent it from being built, because after reading your comments, Stake will surely go bankrupt if that dangerous device was set loose.
  6. Romanian- I hope everyone has a beautiful day and full of victories on the stake. Filipino had been done already, so I'm gonna use this language (I've been studying it for 2 months, sorry for the grammar) こにちは!わたしは カール です。わたしのにほんご をごめんなさい。がんばてください!
  7. Carl1995


    Bear with me, happy betting everyone!
  8. But your body can't withstand the change of the time around you, so every time you travel you pee in your pants (there are some times where you go level 2). I wish I could talk to animals.
  9. Yes, me too, I'm pretty excited, 'coz the way they said it sounds like it's really big. I'm not a fan of slots tho, but it's good to see some new games to be added to stake casino.
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