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  1. The Manchester derby was a game that was waited upon the whole week and this two teams have some importance in the for the game to go either way . If Manchester lost the game , then it would have meant that it would struggle to get to the top four, and if Mancity won, would have meant that Liverpool would still have to win every game just three more and they are handed the EPL trophy , but the game was good , though I pity mancity , they have been banned from champions league, that is painful. Am an Arsenal fan and this to me worries me the least , I have to get to top 5, the top four homes are shuttered for me
  2. I dint know liverpool was playing until I heard over BBC a discussion that how Liverpool lost is so disappointing because they were to close to Arsenals record, but to me , I hate dominance and Liverpool was doing it, so to me watford did me a favor, but really if you look at it, those who bet on Watford went home with something good and enjoyed the winnings
  3. Thats really bad for him , but we hope he comes out of it as soon as posible , but a ban like that isnt bad, because the rules state , no insider information , once you are got you are penalized and its going to be painful , to him is only 150K pounds, but to me I think I should say , sorry for that , hope this does not affect his career, still love him from the days of liverpool.
  4. Go with soccer , or at least its what I love or understand, but also basket ball and also Fomula one this are one of those I love most viewing this is what we have to keep on running the forum properly so this is one of the best games you can bet on but it depends on how good you are in them, you just dont get in the game and start betting without knowledge, you might lose but the esiest of them all is F1. Good luck
  5. es its truly the case , there is a lot of good effort to put together everything in one perspective and we have to work as hard and believe the good that comes with it, there is a good at the way we look at Ripple , it has a stability, but its taking too long to pick up we have to it and make some good money, we have to hold it, am going to making some good money. Am looking for a time to make about 100,000 ripple to hold until it hits 10 usd that is when am going to sell it
  6. There are so many people who are confused and don really understand what the value of doing this , but billionaire Tim Draper Thinks that Bitcoin should be made a national treasure so the billionaire's plan sounds extremely utopian given that BTC is yet to prove its viability as a medium of exchange. In the U.S. and other developed countries, it is still viewed as a speculative asset. Hence, it would make more sense for failed states like Venezuela to adopt Bitcoin as a real currency. This is good news, he thinks that we should make this coin bitcoin a National currency and to me I dont think this is a good idea, because its to early to adopt bitcoin this is really difficult to understand this kind, bitcoin has still a huge shoes to fill from the fiat currency and especially from a world reserve currency that would be a difficult story to identify .
  7. This is good but when we have to get to this then we realize that the crypto world is actually becoming serious so the news are welcome, so the hustle we get from all the time looking for a wallet then exchanging with a fiat currency remains a pipe dream so its important to really realize the good of this crypto world and actually its growing when companies such as samsung can take them serious, then we better do the same
  8. There are so many people out there that are looking forward to making a lot in Gambling, but why gamble when you know very well that you are going probably lose? so I asked a number of people, including those who have been doing so for so many years, and half of them told me its very addictive and one asked me , which game do you love most, and to me its chess, and its true, there is nothing I can do in a day without playing chess, whether I win or lose, it feels so good, and so he told me, so take that and equit it to a price when you win and I saw the sense why one would be addicted . another person told me that he knows how to balance and that he makes a good living out of it, and I doubt it, but one interesting one is that its fun to do so , and that worried me a lot, because with gambling you winning is different , and losing is inevitable, and so he told me its fun. so why do you guys gamble, for me its a way I try to make a point to myself
  9. I dont know whats happening today I also woke up to the same , I have been given a warning of a point and am hpin it expires but it has been written it never expires but am going to seek help from the moderator to see if they could repeal for me , but if they dont well am sorry, though would love to know which post I made that mistake on. well am so sorry that it happened and sorry guys to @Irungu and @ Kariuki dont worry we have to be careful next time but take the warning as to be something real
  10. Am so sorry for that, but be caful next time, there are good ideas that can be used in gambling but avoid making that mistake again , but keep on putting together everything, the best effort to which we have to follow the rules of the casino but am sure the house always wins and there is no way they can be allowed to lose because there are there to make money
  11. I think trezor is about good for everybody and the two features that really are good is , there is a good way you can store offline which to me is the best, and also there is a way you can recover your password when lost, but to me which ever is better, alway s make sure that you dont store your information online, say in your email or even on your desktop, I belive the hackers there is no place they cannot get
  12. I think Ripple is far much better as we all know , there is a lot of good ideas we have to put together we have to realize the good issues, there are so many competitors and I think even stellar can take that part ,because when you look at what happens when there is a lot of good ideas happening in the site, then you should know that there is a lot of idea as we can follow in so many cases as we can tell,
  13. Mwangi

    Ripple at 10$?

    Well guys I would love to know if Ripple is going to make and get to the point of being 10 dollars cause am trying as hard as posible to really define the same the rite effort to which we have to really define the two , I would love to know can ripple hit 10 dollars because I have been saving them for a long time and its becoming a very good idea for me to really get them to hit even ten, because am getting about 20K ripples so to me thats the question
  14. the following are some of the sites that I know are accepting bitcoin, Overstock. eGifter. CheapAir. Newegg. Reeds Jewelers. Gyft. ... The best for me is Newegg because I love computers and this is very good news for I can be able to purchase the same with the same. its the best for me
  15. When you remember about crypto currencies, what is the huge mistake you have ever made> because there are so many I will narrate mine and the other is for someone else there are so many that we have to follow look at it this way , there is one time bitcoin was just 1 dollar so its going to be the time I knew bitcoin, I had money to buy it ,and so because I could not understand it, I just left it, I had 1000 dollars then, I could have bought and waited ,, and just years later this could be 9Million dollars. whats your worst mistakes that you have ever done.
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